The Kerrang Top 50 Pop Punk Songs

Kerrang trying to convince me that there’s more than one Bowling For Soup song. There isn’t!

I don’t know where the dividing line between pop punk and not pop punk is, but it’s pretty disgraceful that Welcome To The Black Parade didn’t come top here if you’re gonna include it.

All Time Low getting a pass is just really really gross, no idea why those creeps are still getting platformed…

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I am personally OUTRAGED that the list is so INCORRECT


With all the powers vested in me, I hereby dismiss this list as shite.


Doesn’t take much to set me off on a 4 day pop punk nostalgia bender, and yet …

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Sk8er Boi is the obvious number 1, Avril INVENTED punk for fucks sake.


We should do a Top 10 Pop Punk song thread on here. And other genres


Oh that self esteem

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I think MCR have to be counted as emo rather than pop punk, otherwise there’s basically no commercially successful 00’s emo

Bowling For Soup have 2 songs. Girl All The Bad Guys Want and 1985

If they released a song in 2023 which was a lyrical equivalent the latter would be 2004, the year that they released 1985

honestly what’s the difference, genres are pretend


Complicated is the goat Avril Lavigne song


It’s like there’s 20 or so ‘‘Kerrang bands’’ and they’re literally not allowed to talk about anyone else ever. Just shut down imho.

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Its weird cause the magazines actually good and always was.

Tv channel is dross now, Royal Blood on repeat

The weirdest thing happened the other night, I was flicking through the music channels and Kerrang were playing a track that was not only not 20 years old, but by a band that haven’t yet got an album out. I mean the song was clearly a second rate Jimmy Eat World knockoff, but still, freaks my nut to this day.


Who was it? Whenever I’ve had it on recently it seems to be about 10 bands rotated. One of them being The Wombats oddly

Mighty Tortuga🤷🏻

Me neither!

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Any relation to Dwigt Rortugal?

Pretty bogus that this didn’t get on the list at all

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