The Kids In The Hall (TV series. They're back.)

Hey I’m watching The Kids in the Hall - Season 1. Check it out now on Prime Video!

Anyone a fan? They’re back. Never realised that was were reforming.

I’ve lovely memories of the series shown on Channel 4 in the early to mid 90s. It was always hit and miss but when those sketches hit they were terrific.

I haven’t seen any of the new ones yet but hope they’ve kept the theme tune.


not seen the new series yet but a big fan of the original ones. love how meandering and unpredictable a lot of the sketches were, Tim Robinson’s stuff really reminds me of them

bit scared the new one’s gonna be rubbish but will watch it soon


All I remember is “I’m cruusshing your head”


I’m two episodes in and really enjoying it. Definitely continues the spirit of the original series and the tone of it is just right. Still hit and miss, but brilliant hits as BMS1 says


Watched the first one. Loved the first sketch about Brain Candy.

It’ll be interesting to see what people who have never seen the originals make of this. Don’t think many newcomers would watch this.

Glad it’s back. And the theme tune is still there and like the opening credits.

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really enjoying this

even the sketches that don’t make me laugh are still nice to watch

think it works better without a laugh track too

Shakespeare fanboy sketch is funny

Finally started the new season this week. Brilliant, didn’t expect it to be as good.


Only watched episode 3 last night and oof, most of it fell really flat for me. Hope they didn’t lose steam after the first 2 and there’s more quality to come.

Unfortunately it does run out of steam. The first couple were good then then it’s not funny.