The Kills

I’ve only ever seen them once before at Leeds Festival and their set was flat as a pancake, but the new album is great and I’m looking forward to giving them another chance at their own gig tonight.

Anyone know who the support has been on this UK tour though, as I can’t find the info anywhere?

Liked 'em when I saw them touring the first album. Any good, these days? I was going to go on Friday but missed out on tickets.

saw them in manchester the other night, they were pretty great

this lass was the support

oh man, Georgia is AMAZING! would go to see just her alone.

saw the Kills recently, not bad - don’t really go much on recent material

really like the first couple of albums - think i preferred them live when it was just them and a drum machine

yeah… saw them early on as just two people and a drum machine, it was incredibly intense. sexy rock. would like to see them again (enjoyed blood pressures album), but judging by online videos they seem more ‘just a band’ these days.

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Can’t work out if they’re good or not
Either way might as well listen to Suicide tbh

Another different opinion - I played their debut to death when I lived in London and I’m still very fond of it. No Wow was an apt description for their second, though I quite liked the sound (if not the songs, which were a bit weak for me). Midnight Boom was a classic in my view, mixing the playfulness and inventiveness of latter day Royal Trux (to whom they’re compared) with strong writing. In contrast Blood Pressures seemed workaday to me and so I haven’t really felt like investigating anything since.

Not fit to lace Royal Trux’s boots really

Yep, not necessarily a just comparison (and with RTX I preferred their earlier stuff anyway :slight_smile:).