The Kindness of Strangers Thread (Yeah, we rollin')

This thread is dedicated to Jan (or Yan) who lent me his ladder and crowbar - and held the ladder - so that I could get in through my housemate’s bedroom window this evening. Thank goodness he’d left it ajar. The lock had slipped but in a weird (almost impossible way) maybe we have a poltergeist.

Jan lives opposite my local pub but we’ve never seen each other before. I spotted his house was covered in scaffolding and just thought I’d try my luck before giving in and calling a locksmith.

What a lovely guy.

Share your experiences of strangers helping you out.


I feel that someone else must have experienced some kindness and therefore (in the interests of something or other) I’m bumping this thread.

Mate, I live in London.

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I had forgotten my hair band and they had none at the gym so the lady at the gym just slipped the one off her wrist and gave it to me.

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Oh shit actually, I lost my debit card on the way to the velopark at the Olympic Stadium the other day and the very kind lady let me on the road circuit for free.

I drunkenly faceplanted the pavement walking back from the pub once (had my hands in my pocket and went over like a tree falling down). This guy rushes over and walks me home and we have a nice chat about stuff. As I reach my street he says ‘well, it was good meeting you profk and I hope your face feels better soon. Btw I’m completely off my nut on pills’, smiles and walks away.