The King Of Limbs will age better than any other Radiohead album

Come back in 100 years once that’s sunk in.

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We already made the musical hot takes thread

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Honestly, it’s a short, beautifully produced set of movements.


And Bloom, and Codex. It’s got a pretty good hit rate but might be the most backloaded album ever released.


Maybe wait 55 years for that one to sink in. The best songs on AMSP are way better, but coffee table jazz will die out.

I love the king of limbs. Great album. Much better than a moon shaped pool.



The piano sound on Codex is insane

The tremolo levels on Bloom chef’s kiss

I’d go on, but i won’t.

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I’m glad you derive so much enjoyment out of it. For me it’s an extremely lazy Radiohead album and I doubt many, if any, people will be listening to it in 100 years. But if you enjoy it what more really needs to be said?

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Ok, well rest assured, they’ll agree then.

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I mean, I agred, until i realised I was wrong.

Yeah, cos they’re all shit

Trees do live a long time

Nah because Kid A / Amnesiac tho

side 1: quite good but obviously a bit weird and frustrating
side 2: some of the best stuff they’ve ever done


Definitely think that the cultural canon in 2115 will widely be viewed as The Odyssey, Raphael’s Parnassus and Morning Mr Magpie.


By then, the syncopated glory of Little By Little might finally have hit home

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I prefer it to Kid A to be honest.

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There are four sides on the vinyl and one on the CD.


Always been a fan of it. I tend to add in the four extra tracks too when I listen on MP3.