The Knife


i don’t tend to go to shows of electronic music i like coz it tends to be boring live, but that sounded like my actual idea of hell


It was really shite. As a music concert, shite. As a dance show, shite. As a commentary or satire, shite. I see the funny side now but my friends were all either super pissed off or heartbroken after waiting years to see them


Also one of those things, like Mr Burns watching Homer as he spins around his head in circles on the floor, where you question if they were quite the geniuses you once thought they were


Horses for courses innit. I keep coming back to this record and it sounds better every time I hear it. I can forgive them the live show because of that.


It’s hit and miss but the highs are brilliant


What’s the track where she’s sorta screaming into that slapback echo? Love that so much.


Not getting my hopes up about this but I’d love more of anything from them.

Shaking the Habitual is fantastic, only thing I’m not sure on with it is that really long ambient drone track in the middle, and I like ambient drone a lot. Many fond memories listening to it on repeat late at night playing X Com.


I was just about to say something like this.

think I might have said “Shaking the Habitual is the high-water mark for forward-thinking (i.e. good) music, and nothing’s really come close to it since it came out.”


it’s entirely hit, birdsy lad.


Yeah, I’m all for artists doing stuff that divides people. The new series of Twin Peaks, for example.

But… when you’ve taken a day off work, spent fuck knows how much on a train down to london and a hotel too, just to see the band… and they do THAT. Fuck them.


Ahhh fack, context is king here. Shit man, I moaned but I could jump on the overground afterwards at least.


Context was definitely king with that show. I was on ecstasy and just after seeing David Byrne and St. Vincent’s joint set at the festival I was at!


On the bright side, I flew to Manchester to see them but it was cancelled because some silly sausage couldn’t handle his pills or something. Now I’m not sure if that was good or bad.


The Knife are playing your town. Tickets are £35 plus booking fees. Are you going to see them?

  • Fool me once…
  • Sure, why not. Can’t be any worse than last time.
  • I was on some cracking drugs and really enjoyed the Shaking the Habitual tour. More of the same please!

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The gigs they did after the Roundhouse, when they actually got on with it (Corbyn) were great


wheres the option for “i didnt go and want to see how batshit everyone says it was coz shaking the habitual was waaaaaaaaaaaaay better than everyone says it was, especially sticking a ridiculously long ambient drone track in halfway through”?


:grinning: I really love Old Dreams…


saw them at Brixton, i think. one of the last shows. was weird. i didnt particularly care for the dance instructor. but the rest was kinda fun.



Oooh live film apparently - @ericthefourth have a look at the trailer, see what you missed :grimacing: