The Ladyboys Of Bangkok



These posters are everywhere

Has anyone actually been to see this?
Asking for a friend.


My mother-in-law has been twice. She seems to enjoy it. I don’t believe it is a sexual show.


I think the billboards check your browsing history


it’s in Brighton every year for the duration of the Festival - I’m always amazed they are able to find an audience year in, year out

I’ve never been, can’t imagine I ever will


Define ‘everywhere’ NV. The walls of your bedroom?




Probably not really on is it, nomenclature wise


So what do they do in the show?


Your mum


It’s a variety show, it’s a giggle. Wouldn’t go again, just had to go as its always here in Brighton

See Amelia Goodhead


I believe that in a live setting they attempt to use icebreakers to break through and steal the hidden plans of the corp.


So, does the show involve pingpong balls?


Bit transphobic this thread? Would there be similar shit bantz about a gay show? “Backs to the wall lads” “don’t drop the soap” etc




That’s fine then :pensive:


Out of curiosity, which bit is transphobic?


which Diser is this


Yep, just checked. Nothing transphobic. Stop causing trouble.


It’s on in Edinburgh during the Fringe every year too. Anyone I know who went said it was a blast, probably wouldn’t bother myself. As for the nomenclature, a ‘ladyboy’ is the name for the cultural construct in Thailand I think, so it’s probably fine (open to correction)