the la's

the usual reunion rumours are circulating after this was posted yesterday

Is this a christmas falalalala, lalala joke? If it is I think @Epimer might be all over this

sadly not, get him over here anyway though

There I go.

Doesn’t work

There she ho ho ho’s?

Could be problematic

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Relatively recent realisation that their name is because its scouse for ‘the lads’

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Reform Cast!

It’s more the scouse habit of adding la to the end of phrases. As in “alright la”

Furthermore, I’d always assumed Cast’s name was a pun based on the last line of the last song on The La’s album, “the glass is smashed/the change is cast”

“There She Goes!”

pretty sure John Power said at some point this was true

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Seems too much of a coincidence not to be. Good choice of name on that basis I think.

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