The lass from M-People really went for it on that cover of Perfect Day huh?

will I get an apology from Jordan? or is this now a beeve?

  • Richie_Ronco will get an apology
  • This is now a beeve

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its nearly St Davids day so instead of an olive branch I’m holding out a daffodil



Course, the first we ever heard of Heather was on the re-recorded version of Black Box’s Ride on Time. Pretty sure it is true that she was roped in to re-record all the Loleatta Holloway samples (but not sure if the record was already out before they did this)

She’s very cagey about it:

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The making/breaking of Ride On Time is a great story in itself and Mike Pickering goes through it halfway through the above interview.

If you listen to the 2 versions you can definitely hear parts that are Heather Small. Fantastic effort at re-creating the vocals.

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At the risk of missing sarcasm, if you’ve never heard of M-People, the Hacienda nightclub, acid house, the Happy Mondays, Deconstruction Records etc. you might have quite a bit of googling to do…

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Put your hands on the car and get ready to die!

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I do have a few gaps in my knowledge tbh, have just ordered a subscription to mojo so should be up to speed soon

I am also old and time plays tricks on the memory making me feel like stuff happened yesterday when in fact it was 30 years ago!

I did not know this, I feel I probably should have known this.

I thought the M stood for Mike’s People?

Well, I never.

Should point out that Mark Wahlberg was fully paid up in terms of sampling. Not half as much as a gangster as he made out, eh?

M People are probably my least favourite band.

It does according to wikipedia.

Cool, ta. My source is a badly-remembered feature on The O-Zone, so Wikipedia’s probably right here.

Not any more.

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Naughty boy.

Music People :joy:

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I did chuckle fairdos.