The last 2016 Music Video

Hi everybody,

my name is Khappa MJ, i dont know if I can introduce myself like this in this community. I do and play music (under label Believe) and im also working as a filmmaker (K-Storm studio).

I decided to join this community because basically i love to be part of new music communities and because i really
prefer forums sometimes than Social Networks.

Please let me say that i need very very much support and to “spread the word” about my contents, so i hope to
get in touch with lot of peoples even for collaborations and to get your positive (but also negative :slight_smile: feedbacks.

Thank you very much and also thanks to admins for their work.
talk soon

My last music video: if you like it or you hate it, please feel you free to “LIKE” it or “DISLIKE” it on Youtube :slight_smile:
Pure Energy - Khappa MJ

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one day… maybe :slight_smile:

I’ve moved this to the Classifieds, as we do for all posts of this nature :slight_smile:

ok as you wish man… sorry if I posted in the wrong place

I wanna be nerd too!

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ahah, have you watched it? Could you please comment it on Youtube too man? I would appreciate a lot :slight_smile:

Was this the last 2016 music video?

Like 23:59:59 in Hawaii?

Hi, yes this is my last music video made in 2017. Why?