The last evening thread of Q3 2020

really want an EMB ama. no offence to everyone else, but seems to have one of the most interesting lives on here.


hahaha OMG my life is honestly so dull :smiley:

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evening. bout to start my second job which i feel quite miserable about, hoping it’ll finish tomorrow night.

getting a bit AIBU about my neighbours who’ve turned the hallway in our building into their own DIY area. didnt’ mind when they were doing a bit of flatpack but they’ve put sheets down and are painting furniture and all sorts. and drilling. boy do i love drilling while i’m trying to work.

i’m on 69 stars on mario (nice), hoping to get get another 10 in before bed and then bowser down a peg.

I almost put ‘or if you’ve signed up for AMA i can wait’

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nightshifts pressing a button on a big kettle, blasting co2 up water pipes, having fights with pheasants on the cliff you live on.

nah mate. pretty cool.



Got a spare 50 minutes then watch this and talk about it in my new thread series! I can’t change the thread title so I’m jagging it all over town

well, when you put it like that

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yes you may! give me a mo


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Billa JFC

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Good for you, you deserve it!

People won’t often have the guts to tell you this but The Eraser is the best Radiohead album

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I meant to have one on monday but ended up working 10am-11pm so I do feel like I deserve it!

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whenever I see that ‘Furloughed’ thread, I always think ‘Furloughed’ could be a new Black Flag album.

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:wave: :jack_o_lantern: :wave:


Sat watching this “American Murder” doc film thing on Netflix. It has me GRIPPED. Yes I know I can’t be that gripped if I’m sat tapping away on DiS but still, I am moderately gripped.

Just had leftover thai green curry and then two pink lady apples for dessert, because they are the best apple. Really happy my review went okay today, I’ve been really nervous about it for months tbh… :grimacing: SO, I need to celebrate somehow. Might treat myself to a cheeky whisky? Ooooorrr…


It’s either whisky, a shot of tequila or a amaretto tbh so yeah, I think I’ll be having a whisky :laughing:

Also, shall I make it bath number 3 this week? Last night I used a bath bomb that had a little rose shaped soapy thing in it. It opened up in the water!!! It was, amazing. My bathroom floor is covered in gold and pink glitter :blush:


Furlough sound like one of those depressing places that have football teams

West Bromwich Albion 2 - Furlough 1


think I’ll look back on 2020 and be annoyed I didn’t get my furloughed certificate. we’ll be in the pub in 2030 and my pals will be like ‘so yeah being furloughed, what was that all about!’ and i’ll have to slip quietly out the back.

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are you developing a new furlough-based stand up set?


Yes! Another one for bam’s bath army!

You hear that showers? Your days are numbered!

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