The last Friday before Christmas boozing thread


I’m 4 pints down, heading off to another boozer. I probably won’t post in this thread again. Good luck everyone.


I don’t really drink these days but I might crack open the prosseco soon. Really just fancy a tea full of brandy (which is divine) but I don’t have any brandy and I’m stuck waiting in for this parcel from yesterday still.


Had some prosecco at my desk, now I’m at Waterloo I probably won’t have anything until I get back to the Isle. Definitely had my fair share of booze on Wednesday though, christ.


Free shot of tequila with my burrito at lunch.


Been struck down wifh something fevery and mrs s is in Sheffield and mini s is here. Nightmare. He’s woken up from his nap but apparently doesn’t want to get out just sit there shouting BEAR! OWL! Which is ok for now. Got to get a 7:30am train with him tomorrow with 2 changes aaaaaaahhhhh

Is this the appropriate thread?


like @Smee i’;ve come down with something so boozing doesnt seem an option. still want a festive beer though :frowning:


This is the calm before the calm before the storm, works night out in a few hours


Got a couple of bottles of red in. But @DarwinBabe mentioned brandy in the other thread which gave me a bit of a craving. Might pop into Tesco Express in a bit…


On the way out to DJ at my mate’s pub in a couple of hours. Free ale all evening for me!


I’m not taking any Christmas records. Not one.


2 pints of beer filtering through my liver as I sp3ak. Many more to come


Feel free to participate, but if neither you nor your child are drinking alcohol then you might find it hard going as the evening continues.


Ive been spoiled with some gifts :ok_hand::pray::pray::pray:




Parents are staying over and they don’t drink so should be pretty civilised tonight. Have a few beers to drink later in front of a film. Hope everyone that’s out has a good night!


Love a cheeky tiny can


Had a pint with lunch, will have some more pints later.


Just about the right amount of lager for a can, imo. Any more and its getting a bit warm


I’m at my folks - they haven’t offered me any booze yet.


I was on those last night :+1: