The Last Leg: Re-United Kingdom

Something really unseemly about this. I appreciate the spirit of it, but having Cameron and Blair sharing messages of unity, and Major saying “gay people, well, they’re practically normal now” is fucking rank.

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Sounds grim, although it’s not a format I can ever really enjoy, whether it’s this, that Lauren Laverne show or 8 out of 10 cats etc.

My mate made me watch The Last Leg live at Latitude one year, it was excruciatingly unfunny and it annoyed me how much everybody else was laughing at it. That’s all I know about it.

Andy Burnham has just introduced The Courteeners as his “band of the moment”.

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I don’t like Josh Widdicombe, I don’t particularly think Alex Brooker is that funny - Adam Hills can be sometimes.

This one does sound like a particular horror-show.

You what?

As the mayor of Manchester, he’s contractually obliged to be overly enthused about below-average indie dross.


I’m paraphrasing, but only just.

How do they keep selling out massive venues in the north?

not for me, clive.

didn’t mind the last leg when it was a happy-go-lucky unfunny #banter show

however it’s now become some self-appointed fight against evil, probably fueled by the stuff they did on the paralympics and it’s pretty fucking cringeworthy. the worse is where they try and make a sarcastic comment about politics and come off as neither funny or clever. but the worst is where they do a rap or a dance or something. not seen tonight’s show, but it seems we’ve reached peak the last leg.

also please stop with the manc bashing, most of us are alright.

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I fucking hate Josh Widdicombe.

Quite like Josh Widdicombe tbf

Widdicombe and Brooker seem nice enough but aren’t very funny. Hills is fucking dreadful

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If it hadn’t been for the Paralympics the Last Leg would still be that easy-going light entertainment comedy show it was when it first started.

I’m going to level with you…I thought it was created purely for the Paralympics and was quite surprised it was given what I thought was a second non-sport related series.