The Last of Grunge

From the records underneath the turntable I can only make out OK Computer and Led Zeppelin 4? Maybe Power, Corruption & Lies also near the right end?

Acoustic Silversun Pickups seems to just mean they’ve taken the drummers trademark high crash away. This style showcases his voice though and I still think it’s great, especially when he lets rip and near bellows.

Waiting and fading and floating away. Love this.

Want to post more but the thread will tell off again for replying to myself.

Marks out of 5 please. Hey @discobot roll 1d5

:game_die: 1

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Robots have no ears.

At work. Tired. Had a strong coffee just and grabbed a 15 minute break. Whacked this on. The break down at 3:30 really is top, top drawer material. Shivers.


It is happening again.

Better make sure
Better make sure you’re looking closely
Before you fall into your Swoon


you can witness their decline in real time by putting on their single collection

They haven’t got a Singles Collection.

This isn’t too shabby from their most recent album.


listened to this just now. Very pretty