The Last of Us - HBO

Woah, this sounds great!

This will save me the bother of having to actually play the game!


the game was good but i’ve already played that

wish folk could just make new things


All the stories are used up

Looking forward to the rise of post-narativism on TV

‘I hope it will be like The Witcher’

now I’m interested!


Jet Set Willy - 6 part mini series or GTFO

(Colin Farrell as the titular Willy)

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Just realised that the clickers are gonna be properly freaky!

Ooh that’s the thing about video games these days, great writing, they’re just as good as hollywood films imo!!



There are 2 really good bits of writing at the beginning and end of TLOS and then just mountains of filler between. There’s some very half baked political stuff in there the show will have to dig in from (unless you want hour upon hour of faithfully reenacted scenes of running aimlessly through a school or an office looking for ammo) which will deeply hamstring it, and basically - TLOS charm came from the depth of detail and AI and the sense of building a relationship through adversity which isn’t easily done through passive media like a tv show.
Tldr it’s gonna be pants.

This will be shite



MAN ONE: Our destination is in sight gah

ELLEN PAGE: Oh no, a slight gap

MAN ONE: Can’t you just step across it like a normal person

ELLEN PAGE: No you have to find some wood or something to make the traversal as seamless as possible please thanks

MAN ONE: God damn, they keep finding ways to drag me back in



Story for this was way above average for a video game but was still essentially a trope filed zombie plot, never got why it was quite so revered.


Sounds quite wanky but there’s a lot of ‘environmental storytelling’ in the last of us that works really well. Speaking the obvious here but its kind of stuff that works well in games because you move at your own pace, and can decide how much you want to scour an area for story. Then when you do find stuff, you feel like you’ve gone out of your way to uncover it. That sense of discovery is obviously non-existent on screen…

Seeing Joel and Ellie develop felt really natural too, because of all the time spent wondering through the places. If they try and emulate that on screen it’s going to be a nightmare getting the pacing right.

In short: this could be shite, but also, it could be not shite.

replaying this atm ahead of the sequel. i love it, but am I fuck watching a tv show adaptation.

save it 4 da boomerz who slag off mah gaymz but will love this and not realize itz based on a gaym

craig mazin

  • chernobyl was good, his next thing will be good
  • …he’s made a lot of shit films tho

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He dies in the end

imagine if the whole point of chernobyl was as part of a meta-joke whereby he gets the rights to tlou and turns it into a frat boy comedy

“oh wow a giraffe”
“yeeeeaaawwwhh less fuckit”

also someone will trot out that thing they did with the film Us

“so like Us, on one level is the word “us” but it’s also like the US as in the United States of the US America”
“oh shit that’s deep i hope someone explains all the depth to me in one handy seven minute scene”

Wait here, I’m going to check every drawer and cupboard in this house to see if there’s half a pair of scissors I can fashion into a shiv. I’ll be back in twenty minutes.