The Last of Us 🚨 spoiler outbreak!

Hope she gets absolutely fucking ripped


TLOU2 PS5 remaster announced for January. Graphical improvements apparently (though they were pretty hot in the first place), Dual Sense support, etc etc. Also a new game mode that sounds a bit like Resident Evil’s Mercenaries (wonder if this is them salvaging something out of Factions?), plus commentaries and some cut levels you can play.

Has an upgrade path as well, so you can get it for a tenner if you have the PS4 version. Might do it just for the loading times tbh.


Somehow it’s become a comfort game for me, so I’ll be all over this.

I’m surprised the upgrade is £10 - seems like ok value for money if you want the mercenary mode (I do), but I’m not expecting it to look much better than it does already.