The Last of Us (TV show starts 15 Jan)



I want to love this but something about it isn’t clicking (lol) for me… Not sure if it is because I am struggling to shake the videogamey feel to it all or because I know exactly what is going to happen.

Did anyone catch that they said the first infections were in a flour mill in Jakarta, and in the first ep they made a point of Joel not eating anything with flour (no pancake mix or cake, doing the atkins diet)?

All the reviews say episode 3 is one of the standouts so looking forward to next week

Didn’t catch that, no

It was mentioned in a couple of recaps I’ve seen.

Poor Anna Torv - totally forgot how relatively early Tess checked out


For anyone wanting to fill the gaps between the one episode a week format, I would recommend the film adaptation of The Girl With All The Gifts. Similar storyline and vibe :+1:


Pedro Pascal is absolutely perfect as Joel. Really really convincing in his speech and mannerisms and movement


Great film. Better than anything I have seen in this series so far

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First episode it was great to see Anna Torv then it finally clicked that she doesn’t last long. Hopefully see her in a few more things now, feel like it’s been a while.

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The book this was based on is a good read as well

Enjoyed that also! Have you read the prequel? I have it but have not got round to it yet…

Liking the show a lot so far. The prologue was particularly excellent.
Only played The Last of Us 1 so looking forward to seeing how it all goes.

I’m not complaining as it’s good that Ellie is a bit less passive but don’t remember her being like that in the game. Remember wishing Joel would be less of a dick to her in fact.

Anna Torv was ace.

Yeah this is the boat I’m in. I think it’s quite good and entertaining but not yet fantastic. I’m hopeful that once it diverges from the games just a bit more, it will really find its footing. They also did a bunch of world/character building in this second episode which should help to make later episodes flow more neatly.

I really like the fungal ‘network’, which is more unique than the spores in the games (it seems like they’re not doing that in the show, apparently so that actors aren’t in masks the whole time).

Glad that the museum scenario properly depicted how difficult some monsters are to kill, and that the characters were frightened of them rather than The Walking Dead thing of Darryl strolling into a room and leaving unbothered.


I’ve read another book in that world, but I don’t think it was a prequel? Bit hazy on the details now, but the end at least was set after the first book, Might have been a time jump epilogue or something, I suppose. I didn’t think it was as good as the first either way, as you might be able to tell from the way I don’t really remember it…

Yeah, that’s the prequel … All but the epilogue is based before The Girl With All The Gifts, then it finishes with a chapter set after it. Remember thinking the prequel was decent, but not a patch on the first.

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one for my west country friends

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Replacing the spores with a mycelium network / wood wide web mechanism is a great TV switch. It’s only a recent discovery so might not have been known when the original game came out.

Could see it being added to the third game if there is ever one.


Wonder if this happened when they were filming The Last of Us

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