The Last Supper (Maundy Thursday Evening Thread)

What you eating/drinking?

Usually one of my favourite days of the year but just got in from work and should really do some work tomorrow. So…

Was gonna do a poll about my food but was so hungry had to eat the leftover misery pasta.

Got the flat to myself so gonna slob about, already closed the curtains even though it’s still light.

Feeling a bit groggy from the 4 pints I had yesterday. But will probably have 4 more. For double grogginess tomorrow.

It’s not Monday it’s Thursday?

I’m confused

Hey man! Bought myself a few cans of dead pony club on the way home so gonna sink them tonight safe in the knowledge that I don’t have to be up for work tomorrow :metal:

Herby chicken with lots of veg for dinner, on that health kick yo (minus the beers).

Maundy Thursday is the day before Good Friday.

oh right! Didn’t know this. Thanks

Off to Dublin! OI OI OI


Just eaten a yoghurt.

Been for a run, gonna watch the rugby on TV later
Hopefully have an early night so I can get up early tomorrow morning

May I ask why you would pick dead pony club over elvis juice?

I don’t have to get up… but the rest of my weekend is so busy… yea, I have to get up.

Who’s on the ruggers? Might watch saints v wiggers tomorrow.

Ate fried egg sandwich and chips with cake for lunch so is a light tea. (Bit if macaroni cheese and that’s what kids want)

Then wine until I Fall asleep at about nine…any MasterChef on tonight? Got one to catch up on and MrS will make me watch homeland I expect :expressionless:

What was in the salad? It doesn’t sound like a proper tea.

Go the pub, it is fun.

Wakey v cas… Not sure how it will be not got into this season just yet :man_shrugging:

Some records arrived, one featuring our very own @BodyInTheThames :heart_eyes:


Off out to eat Turkish food before going to see a Pharoahe Monch gig in a converted public toilet. A grand way to start the bank holiday weekend if ever there was one.

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Going to have Mediterranean cous cous with coleslaw, cherry toms, goats cheese and balsamic glaze. Keeping an eye on the traffic as I think I might drive home tonight.

Sounds like a decent game. Might watch so I have something to interact with my Dad about when I’m home.

Yeah it should be I think… hope anyway…

We beat Leeds last week in a close game so are getting up to speed after a slow start. Wakey are still abit of an unknown quantity/dark horse.
Plus local derby at theres so could be a bit spicy

Oh good, local train strike after an eternal journey back from San Francisco.

I tried to look up if masterchef was on but got confused sorry.

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MasterChef is on at 8pm