The Last Supper (Maundy Thursday Evening Thread)

“You’re not gonna believe this. He killed sixteen Czechoslovakians. The guy was an interior decorator.” :joy:

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Hm, tbh I haven’t touched the gin in the flat for months now because the last time I did I had A LOT of fun :grimacing:


Got my new trainers…and a monki robot top, monki stripey t shirt and new trousers for summer workin’

Might do a DiS fashion show tomorrow


Guys I’ve made a Through the Keyhole video which, having watched it back, is me bumbling around my gaff for 6 minutes constantly saying ‘lovely stuff’. I think I’m gonna hold back on it until Wednesday though when I’m back in the office so we can get through a boring day together.

  • Post the video now
  • Wait until wednesday
  • Make a public poll and see what your fellow DiSers think of this inane video

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‘His house looked like shit.’



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Geese is a lucky man getting the Deerhunter one, regret not getting that one at the time!


@Jeremys_Iron SHOW IT NOW. Please. I crave entertainment!!

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Fucked it, didn’t I? Thought tonight was my reading group night, walked all the way up there, wondered why no one was turning up. It was last week and I missed it. Got rained on walking back and now have a blister on my heel. Feel like a complete moron.

Consequently, my ‘dinner’ was a single hot cross bun rather than a pile of cakes and biscuits (had proper dinner at lunch time).

Going to spend the evening doing nothing most likely, I don’t feel up to much more than that.

Will I make one as well? We can both wait until Wednesday?

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Well, I look forward to all your fun posts this eve.


Don’t misquote me.

Nah I did the same, though poured a load of maple syrup of my popcorn to make it less boring.


Don’t know what you consider a lot of fun but I meant I VERY drunkenly watched big little liars :laughing: Am I missing something?

EDIT: Oh. Never mind.

Will.get on that tomorrow with my try ons

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Thanks to @rich-t for offering to me! I think I have every t-shirt from that era now!

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I’m disappointed for you dw, here’s what you could’ve had:

If you promise you’ll go in the next two months I’ll forgive you.


Had a Peruvian tomato and garlic cooking sauce in the cupboard. Did it with some prawns and rice and that. Was massively disappointing. Wouldn’t be happy with that being my last meal if I was getting nailed to a cross in the morning.

Is it too early to start on the spring bank holiday chocolate stash?

Fucking starving.
The tv seems irked but far more surprised when I said I wouldn’t join her in a vino. I don’t always need to drink!
Far too much to do tomorrow and I’m up sharp as fuck. I know if I have one I’ll tan it all, so none, I’ll make up for it tomorrow at some point.