The Last Supper (Maundy Thursday Evening Thread)

No problem. Should do it myself really. But can’t get on he vbox as the kids are playing flipping fortnite AGAIN

I make that four episodes in five days :open_mouth:

Not seen any of this series… :dizzy_face:

Just do it.

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Order two of everything so it looks like you’re not on your own…


Praise the Lord I managed to get a bunch of acne meds on the way home!

Think plasticmike and I are going to pub and pide :sunglasses:

I’m considering ordering takeaway just to get some pudding.

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Though my flatmate has left some bread so might just have jam on toast.

Evening :wave:

Having left over chilli for dinner tonight. Need to wait for the bf before i can watch Masterchef but he’s out tonight :grimacing: Might. need. to. watch. without. him. :shushing_face: shhhh. Wish I had a beer.

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You’re just off the wilmslow road right? You should totally get the battered halloumi with chilli and garlic from Fuzion instead :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:

I’ve gone to bed until my pizza arrives, then I’m eating that, then I’m going back to bed.


Do it! (If not tonight then soon)


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Go the shops.

Second date tonight.
Do I look alright?

Alright @Unlucky

Culled a load of clothes that I’ve either not disposed of when they’ve gotten holey or knackered, or don’t fit anymore. Lots of band ts have been relegated to bike rags (apart from a Deerhunter t-shirt that @Kallgeese is having). Also made room for various baby related stuff in our bedroom.

Having fish chips and peas for tea and drinking a cawston press rhubarb tin of pop.

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I liked the eits shirt.

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Good shirt that (from the Take Care tour)

Gonna re-read that book at some stage