The Last Supper (Maundy Thursday Evening Thread)

This is what you meant, yeah?

Leftover carne con chile for tea because I’m teaching a class until around 9.30. Have a can of Drygate’s delicious breakfast stout in the fridge waiting at home though. Might stop at Asda on the way home for additional beers; I think Ibrox Asda sell Nigerian Guinness*.

*this bit sounds like a Don Cabellero song title.

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Yeah 10/10.

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Watching the sopranos were chrissie and Paulie get lost in the woods :slight_smile:


Hmm, it’s like a bus ride away to the nearest nice beer shop.

shhh @cutthelights I know it’s not really that far.

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Foxy :ok_hand:

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Great episode

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Just have normal beer for once.

Don’t be insane.

It’s okay, I’ve got gin. I always have gin.

Thought this was @Kallgeese for a second


pine barrens! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


‘I was my balls with ice water, this is warm!’


Did you dump that No Age one?!?!

Fucking brilliant isn’t it? Endlessly rereadable.

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I haven’t ‘dumped’ any of them. They’re sat in the shed thing atm. Easily retrievable.

Would legit give you money for that, my one is fucked.

Sames for the eits one.

Postage maybe?


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Will get on to you on Twitter, keep the chat to one place!

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Has everyone else seen your wardobe? Why aren’t I being given a chance to dress in rich-t fancy dress?

For tomorrow: He felt like Death, and now @Unlucky is risen. Very Easter.

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