The League of Gentlemen returns


3 new episodes this year.

  • It’ll be good
  • It’ll be bad
  • It was crap first time round

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I liked it, but the things they’ve done since are better and seemed like a natural progression. Strange to go back.


^ I agree with this, but also think that the quality of the things they’ve done since mean that the new episodes will likely be very good.


Potentially. Hopefully.


Ugh, it’s so good as it is. Why drag it back up?

Psychoville was great, but Inside No. 9 (despite some killer episodes) was mostly pretty average and everything Gatiss does these days (Sherlock, Dr Who) is fucking dreadful.


Yeah, I feel like Gattis especially has moved on into a more conventional realm, so really can’t see it being up to scratch in terms of derangement!



This is getting a bit like that Terminator twitter bot that tweeted at Sarahs just saying ‘Sarah Connor?’



He’s only fucking wrote himself into that dr who xmas special which was probably going to be mint what with 1st doctor and (possibly) (the lovely) Jodie Whitaker.

“Yeah that sounds great but you know what it needs? ME! In a big role! With my one-note acting! Like my 4th role in Dr Who or something”


These still make me laugh:


Re-watched a fair bit of it recently as its all on Netflix now and some of it has dated badly (Barbra especially, is incredibly transphobic)


Next on the agenda, we need to cast the the posh weird creepy bloke that Mark added. Who could we cast? Who. Could. We. Cast? Hmmmm. Maybe thingy? No, not him. Who could do it? Needs to be a bit smarmy too. Who could do it?

Well, I’d be prepared to give it a go!



Never thought the Barbara bits were any good anyway.


I wouldn’t call Sherlock “fucking dreadful”. It’s disappearing up its own arse, but has been good entertainment.



Hmmm, this feels a bit lazy. And they’ve kept Barbara :unamused:


assuming this was set up as an intro to get the ‘gang back together’ i thought it was good, and looking forward to the next two episodes. Agree they should have sacked off Barbara.


The joke seems to have shifted from “Haha she’s a man really” to “Aren’t trans folk precious with their pronouns and acronyms, what snowflakes” - way to learn from your mistakes, guys.


Very enjoyable, as always. Bernice brilliant. Geoff class. Women disappearing from the photobooth? Surely it can only mean one thing…


I loved it, save for Barbara.

Nice touch at the end with the number on the door.

Loved the food bank gags.