The Leftovers (HBO)

The second season of The Leftovers is the best thing I’ve watched in fucking ages. The first season was OK, nothing special and conceptually not particulalry fascinating, but the second had that perfect balance of suspense, David Lynch-esque surrealism and blurred reality and a fucking amazing soundtrack to boot.

Apparently they’re only getting one more season, though the fact that they have advanced notice that this will be the last does make me excited to see how they’ll tie it all up.

Anyway, this thread is for The Leftovers and how vastly underrated that second season is.

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Will watch this at some point

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turn ep 1 off about 20 mins in, was pure garbage

it’s great. thought justin thorax was a bland lead at first but he grew on me. love chris ecclestone

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Thorax is a really oddly wooden actor yet they seem to play to it more as it goes on. Helps add to his unpredictability because it’s difficult to read wheat he’s feeling.

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100% with you on this.

Second season is possibly my favourite series of TV ever (since The Wire/Lost/Twin Peaks, anyway)

Absolutely fucking amazing programme.

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I loved the first season, second was … interesting. liked it a lot though I didn’t think it was completely successful

not sure where this show is actually trying to go, tbh.


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It’s the timezone thing that fucked me I think. It shows you local time when you’re looking at the site, but then when you post it’s all UK time. Throw daylight savings into the mix, and it’s a minefield.

Think it might be easier to book some flights back to the UK for Nov 16th, then I can be sure.

Season 3! Final Season!

Not watched the first one yet, have expectations high enough that disappointment is the only possible outcome. Hooray!

it’s fucking great. I love this programme so much. there were a couple of moments where I couldn’t quite remember bits from the end of last season but that might just be down to my patchy memory when it comes to TV programmes (at this point in time I can barely remember who’s alive in GoT for example)

Lindeloff loves a flash-forward doesn’t he!

I really need to catch up with this, think I’m going to start over from the beginning. Can’t remember why, but even though I thought the second season was a lot better I dropped off.

Episode 1 of Season 3 has started sooooo well. Really excited about how this will go based on the opening.

Season 2 is the best season of television I’ve ever seen, and like maosbar says it comes out of nowhere. Season 1 is good but it’s nothing amazing. The following season just takes off and doesn’t quit, absolutely stellar writing and performances.

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oh my god what an episode

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Thought season 1 built to a really thrilling climax (that’s what she said etc). Season 2 hasn’t been as engrossing, but I’ve just finished the episode where he’s an assassin and it was pretty great.

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Can I stream this anywhere (from the start)? Hearing a lot about this from pals and the concept is very cool.