The Leftovers (HBO)


just finished the 1st season - fucking loved it tbh. Not got this emotional about a tv series ever. Been cutting up onions at the same time as watching ofc.


btw I thought this was a show about cooking for about 3 years.


Just watched all of season 1 and loved it

Mrs Garvey looking like Monica from friends in a humid climate put me off every episode though



I am smoking…a fag.


Just finished season 3.

This was really fucking good.

HOWEVER, I would recommend NOT watching the last 3 episodes of Leftovers/last 2 episodes of Twin Peaks on consecutive nights.


Just watched all of this over the last couple of months. Very very good, it was really enjoyable just how visibly confident they became with it over seasons two and three.


My mate was bigging this up when it was on, saying I’d like it as I like Twin Peaks. Is it still on Now TV?


I don’t know


I fucking loved seasons 2&3 though


Season one is on now tv for another 17 days, seasons two and three are on there until 24th October.


Really tempted to rewatch it but I don’t know if I can handle the feelings.


Season 1 has been extended again, now they all say October 24th.

Think I’m gonna go for it.


Started way too late to get through the whole lot before it leaves tomorrow, but just finished up season 2. What a show.



I find bits and pieces come back to me every now and again without context. Such a great series.


watched First Reformed and the dog killer turned up. what an awesome storyline that is.


Can’t recommend this show highly enough.

I would think I could live another hundred years and still wouldn’t see a season of television as good as Season 2 of The Leftovers.