The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (Spoilers ITT)

So tomorrow is hopefully the big reveal. Let’s recap to date shall we?

June 2019: The sequel to The Legend of Zelda breath of the Wild is now in development:

June 2021: Gameplay teaser

March 2022: Launch timing update

September 2022: Title reveal

  • I have booked or will book 12th May off work
  • Not on scheduledtoworkon12thMaybook
  • Get a life, nerd!

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Caveat my response with not being able to do this with having a wee one - otherwise would be sitting all cosy playing this. Don’t think I’ve been so excited for a game ever.

I’ve never booked a day off for video games (though I’ve done it for gigs and movies), but I think this finally calls for it.

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The weekend when this comes out I am at a wedding in Wiltshire on the Saturday, and another wedding in Barry on the Sunday. Hopefully get a good chunk in on my many many train hours.

Not even sure I’ll buy it day one. My gaming time feels a lot less than when I got my Switch way back when and had a mix of paternity leave and panny d furlough to get stuck into a big game.

I just hope it’s fun and whimsical and magical and not too overwhelming.

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  • More breakable weapons please!
  • Absolutely not

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Yeah first time I’ve booked a day for a game. If I don’t then I just won’t find the time to play it

Don’t mind breakable weapons but think a good compromise would be letting you punch / kick when you don’t have a weapon. So you could always fight in a pinch, it just wouldn’t be ideal.

Would also lead to people doing mad fist-only speed runs.


Have already warned my partner about how much this will be dominating my time, as I did with Elden Ring.

I think breakable weapons are great for early game and experimenting, but think that unbreakables should’ve been rewards for beating the Beasts. The special Goron hammer, Rito bow, Gerudo sword and Zora spear should’ve been unbreakable. There’s still a load of powerful/novelty/elemental/guardian weapons in the game so you wouldn’t just stick to them, but you wouldn’t go out of your way to avoid combat except for bosses in late game. Master Sword shouldn’t run out either, and Hylian shield should be unbreakable.


The only other time I’ve booked a day off work for a video game was zelda wind waker. And I still remember it fondly as time well spent.

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Hear me out.

There’s a lot of Green in the trailers so far, right? And as we all know, Green is the colour of Faeroe, the Goddess of Courage.

Din and Naru already had their games in Oracle of Seasons (Red), and Oracle of Ages (Blue), so this is actually going to be a new Oracle game, NOT a Breath of the Wild sequel.


I’m on the fence at the moment about this. The exploration in Breath of the Wild was great but I did grow tired of not really having anything new to do when you go to wherever you were exploring. Needed more Zelda dungeons and less cut and paste elements to fill the map (the shrines got boring for me after a while as did the frequent camps) and I hated the breakable weapons. Just no need for them to be so flimsy.

I know I am absolutely in the minority here and I am sure I am going to get caught up in the hype and end up getting this because I have always been a big fan of the Zelda series. I just hope they iron out the things that bugged me (I don’t want to have to spend another 20 minute session trying to figure out what the right route is to climb up a mountain side to get to where I need to go).


Is this the place to ask if anyone thought “skyward sword” sounds like a euphemism for an erection?

  • Yes this this the place to ask
  • No its not the place to ask, and how long have you been thinking about this anyway (ages)

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  • Yes it does
  • No not really

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wondering whether to hold out until an emulator is patched to run it 40fps, or to just buy it on Switch. Loathe to buy anything for that console now, mainly because of Nintendo’s greedy pricing - genuinely don’t think I’d have got a steam deck had they made the entire system’s games more affordable - but will probs just pull the trigger and pre-order. BOTW was responsible for getting me back into gaming back in 2018 after about 10 years away, and is maybe my…second or third favorite game of all time? So yeah.

What makes you so sure there’s going to be a direct tomorrow anyway? i’ve not seen it advertised anywhere.

Would be fine if you could repair them. absolutely absurd decision to have them just break.

Even a compromise where certain weapons didn’t break and the tradeoff is that they’re less powerful or something would be fine. In fact, just have the ability to repair them, fucks sake.



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weird, I was searching for it last night as I saw it mentioned here, but couldn’t find anything to do with it.