The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (Spoilers ITT)

Not sure if this is really obvious or discussed elsewhere in this massive thread, but - I only just discovered that you can fuse giant brightbloom seeds to vehicles! Makes exploring the depths a lot more fun, I’ve just been building a simple two fan and steering stick thing, sticking a seed to the front and then flying around with a fucking massive torch shining in front of me.


Had never considered that either, instead using battery draining torches :thinking:

Discovered it entirely by accident tbf - somehow dropped one and fused it to something I was building, it was only after I whacked the vehicle and the seed lit up that I realised what I’d done.

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Increases the despawn distance too, so you can get further away from your vehicle before it disappears.

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That this feature even exists is utterly stupid. If you want to encourage people to spend time crafting elaborate vehicles don’t then cause them to completely disappear once they walk away for a minute. Really pissed me off a few times and put me off even trying

Met one of my nephew’s friends today and he started talking to me about TOTK as my nephew had told him I’d finished it, first and last time I’ll have gen alpha thinking I’m cool :sunglasses:

He gave me some good Gleeok fighting tips that I promptly forgot