The Lemon Twigs anyone?!


Got their record a few days ago and have barely had it off, great stuff, stand out track for me is Baby Baby. Got tickets to see them in sleazys in dec, canny wait.


Cannot stop playing this one at the minute, a lot going on, favourite track is How Lucky Am I. Majestic


They’re loads of fun, I Wanna Prove To You is them at their McCartney meets ELO best though


So very McCartney/late beatles.
Great fun, can’t wait to see em live


just discovered these two. gonna see them at EOTR fo’ sho


They’re fuckjng my great live


Frank is glorious.


can’t believe they aren’t huge. hope they don’t ‘Do An MGMT’ on the 2nd album.


New EP coming:




Not read the thread at all. Finally given this a spin or four and absolutely love it! Reminds me a bit of Big Star… if not them just all the good fun stuff from the early 70’s, big :+1::+1::+1:


watch this it’s amazing and is only available until Tuesday



Todd Rundgren!!!



Very up for this


Love how anyone from Big Star is involved in some way. First band I thought of as an influence when I heard Lemon Twigs debut