The Lemon Twigs anyone?!


i don’t get it, they sound like the house band at a really shit pub


This album has totally not hit the mark for me. First album is ridiculously great though


Interesting, not heard them before Jools


First album is gold. New one is hit and miss. 80% miss though


Probably the peak moment so far

They keep switching line ups which is odd; neither the girl on bass (who is in this clip) nor their original drummer (who’s not) seem to be involved anymore.


Yeah this, love the first record, so much fun. New one ain’t doing a lot for me.
Always great live though


Haven’t heard the first one but this new one is pretty much the worst thing I’ve listened to all year. The only vaguely comparable thing I can think of is that Sack Trick album about penguins on the moon. Just awful.


Twitter, after the longer Jools show last night was 50/50 ‘worst thing ever’ to ‘OMG this is fantastic’. A good sign for the future, a lot of great bands divide people early on.

I have to say I dunno why they seem to wind certain folk up so much.