The Levellers

Back to give the UK music scene a good kick up the arse.

Their drummer lives next door to a friend of mine (or maybe used to, dunno) . Apparently he made a bit of a fuss when my pal was getting some building work done

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I don’t know much about the levellers but I always assume they are terrible.


You assume correctly, although embarrassingly I did have Levelling the Land on cassette and remember being quite partial to it at the time

The cassette was stolen on holiday in Gozo by the love interest of one of my friends along with a copy of Its a shame About Ray which I was much sadder about

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drew the biggest ever crowd at Glastonbury

I was 13 in 1995; when I heard “Just The One” I thought it was the best thing ever, thought it was nailed on for Christmas Number 1 and mate a bet with my mate to that extent.

I did not win that bet.

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Still love their first four albums. Soundtrack to my youth. So many bangers


Saw them in a tent there because it was raining. I remember absolutely nothing about them.

Had 2 t-shirts and a lot of time for them. Still find them, fine. Good fun jangly stuff…would listen over other serious dirge music every day (yes I’m talking about Radiohead)


Cannot be remotely arsed with anything else by them or their dubious aesthetic but this is a genuinely great song.

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I went to a comedy club in Birmingham circa 1993 with about 6 mates. All of them had long hair and had that post crusty kind of look except me as I’d just shaved my hair off. We walked to the bar and the first comedy act was already on.

As we waited to be served the comedian said “don’t look now, but The Levellers are at the bar”.


Saying that @Slicky and @Ella_Megablast’s replies suggest maybe, just maybe, they might be a hidden gem act, like a (more!) English Pogues or something idk.

My disdain for them can mostly be blamed on Nicky Wire.

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NIcky Wire’s in the Manics

And so is Michael Fish

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No, the remainder of the band is made up of James Dean Bradfield and Sean Moore


Still got time for Levelling the Land and the self-titled album. They were inexplicably massive for a short while, and seen as a ‘cool’ band at my school, so part of my love for them might be eternally tied to nostalgia. But hey…

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Seriously, I blame it on me being a teenage obsessive early Manics fan and taking Nicky Wire’s myriad derogatory quotes about other bands a bit too seriously.

Still chortle a bit at the soap thing, mind.

Think they’re class

Like the tunes and what I know of the ethos

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Dislike their look and their sound. Never liked them.

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They play everywhere, all the time. And their fans always smell.

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