The Lewes Maoists

One passerby, who was handed a flyer in Lewes on Saturday, said: “It had a lot of weird stuff about Maoism and communism but they seemed like nice people and we chatted for a while.

“I describe myself as to the left, I’ve always voted Labour, but not a Maoist or anything.”


This has nothing to do with me


Ah Lewes - the locals there make Brightonians look normal.

My in laws live opposite someone called Merlin, and let’s not get started on the bonfire societies and their traditions.

Have you spotted these people about @chris-budget?

I’d join the ma0sists

In fact, I’d be junior vice president of the ma0sists if I could

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this is so great! I don’t think I know any of these guys! will keep an eye out though!

love the bit about the cake sale at the castle!