The Libertines are doing a hotel in Margate


"The Libertines have revealed their name of their hotel/studio in Margate, sharing a first-look video of the new venture.

Frontman Pete Doherty first teased the plans in 2016, saying: “We’re gonna open a Libertines hotel. With a studio, nightclub, a bar,” adding that it would be “open to anyone who’ll pay the bills”.

Like a hotel then. You utter cunts.


Do you think they’d be open to letting me stay there for free if I offer to do a colab with them?


was soundly ridiculed at the time but I’ve always hated the Libertines and glad to have been in the right.


only ‘customers’ who’ll ‘pay the bills’ i’m afraid.


Imagine how that’s going to smell in a month. Like the carpet’s been stitched together from stuff off practice studio amps.


That makes sense, an ex DiSer who lives in Margate said Big Pete rocked up at a poetry open mic there last week and ruined everything by being bad at poetry.


But, my profile! Don’t they understand how social media works? :cry:




grumble grumble



God I hate it when people do things I don’t like


I think this will be a spectacular success


time for dineros


Quite enjoying the thought of them having loads of guests who don’t know them and just having to run a hotel


Anthems for the Doomed Youth (hostels)


“yeah okay ‘pete’ i’ll have the steak, rosemary potatoes, anddddd what’s on draft?”

pete stares blankly


The rumours were that it was going to be more like a kind of commune or something.


Carl having to climb 3 flights of stairs to drop off an ironing board outside room 34 :metal:


Don’t think it’s too much of a leap to say the original seed of this idea is just crowdfunding your own rent isn’t it


Just wandering down to reception after they’ve checked in to tell Pete that they’ve found some pubes in the shower and can he clean them out?


She’s going to be THRILLED at this news!