The Libertines are doing a hotel in Margate


“hi mate, all the stuff’s gone from my room. i put it in the safe but the safe is also in fact gone”.

pete swivels in chair to face other direction, writes ‘am i me?’ in poetry book



I’m absolutely done.


Giggling away here in work at this. FFS.


tbf: Carl

  • really can write a good tune
  • def seems to have his head screwed on
  • is quite hard not to like

so despite all my pisstakery, if he’s had the majority of input here it’ll probs be fine


He’s the Basil to Pete’s Manuel.


please try and understand before one of us dies
pete barely looks up from fingerpaints


‘This smack on head’

Pete winks at camera


Literally only by comparison of Doherty


aw i quite like his post-libertines output




sad emoji.


Just seen they’ve named it “The Albion Rooms”. Could they have been any more lazy?


looking forward to them appearing on Four in a Bed in 3 years time, looking baffled whilst doing a falconry activity or something


Obviously i can see that they’re a bit naff now, but they were a great gateway band for me. They put me onto so many better bands who i still like, so i can’t fully hate them. As well as that i just remember being a lot happier around that time (03-05ish) so associate some of their stuff with that.

Like many of you, i find the sort of doomed genius schtick and brothers in arms stuff pretty tiresome. I’m not having anyone claiming Up The Bracket’s not a good record, but i find it a bit weird a lot of the murkier stuff around Doherty’s been swept under the carpet.

There are two tracks i still listen to quite a lot that i think prove Doherty had some ability as a songwriter - Lost Art of Murder (with Bert Jansch), and For Lovers (with Wolfman).


new lcd soundsystem lyrics have really run out of ideas


only know of two Libertines songs, the one everyone knows that goes “can’t stnad me now etc” and the one about girls “getting them out for the boys in the band”.

Really terrible.


agree with the first album being largely great.

death on the stairs (bernard butler produced version) is their best tune imo


For Lovers is an absolutely phenomenal tune and came out at a time in my life when circumstances gave it an extra sentimental potency for me & the TV and is still very much loved in our house

Still can’t stop myself from imagining Carl trying to explain to Pete
“There’s too much heroin on those trays”


this is gonna be the greatest tripadvisor page of all time


“the hotel had no furniture. when we complained the owners said that they had never at any point promised that the hotel would have any”