The Libertines are doing a hotel in Margate


I did wonder if that was the case but didn’t want to assume.

If you’re in touch, hope she’s doing okay.


She’s fine I think, just taking time out to focus on herself. As I said earlier though, I’m sure she’s delighted by this news


there’s a glorious sitcom / parody of this situation currently writing itself in this thread, this thread is already funnier than nathan barley


Theme music plays, THE ALBION ROOMS appears on screen, camera pans down an exterior shot of the hotel to settle on a sign outside. The letter have been rearranged to read HONORABLE MOIST


This is great

Complaints included semen-stained bedding, moldy bathrooms, shabby decor and broken floorboards.

One man even blamed the hotel for giving him his first nightmares in 20 years.


Coincidentally the track titles for the upcoming reunion EP.


Lots of possibilities for the opening shot of the hotel sign too:

‘Monorail Sob’, for starters.

Ah, hyg got there first.


Opening scene: An empty hotel bar is shown, with the reception visible through the doorway. PETE runs in frantically, holding his trilby on his head to prevent it falling off. Looking left and right, he eventually dives behind the bar to hide. Moments later CARL walks in, surveying the room.

CARL: Pete! What did we talk about?!

There is no answer

CARL: Pete! Come out here now and tell me, is this a hotel or a smack den?!

Pete rises from behind the bar, sheepishly [CANNED LAUGHTER]

PETE: A hotel, Carl.

CARL: That’s right! So would you care to explain to me what all of the teaspoons from the kitchen are doing in your bloody room?!



Would like to hear @manches-brute’s take on a Libertines comedy show.


OOF! @SenorDingDong, totally #seenoff


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Wolf man, there is too much butter ‘on’ ‘those’ ‘trays’…


i wonder how long it will take for a tabloid drugs sting to take place

not too long i’d wager


[Episode 3]

opening scene: The camera zooms in a sign reading THE ALBION ROOMS DAYCARE CENTRE. Pete and the boys are frantically trying to keep a bunch of screaming tots
in order, and failing miserably

PETE: You know what this is, don’t you lads?

CARL: Dont you say it Pete!

PETE:it’s an absolute Babyshambles



@Kallgeese, you’re right. @manches-brute needs to write this.


:smiley: brutal


Oooooft, poor Scott_Chegg.


I actually did :+1:


The wrath of snarckee has bested me :frowning:


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