The Libertines are doing a hotel in Margate




bargain imo


ah. @Ruffers was right. this is crowd funding someone’s actual house.


“personalised studio brick” sounds like a Zappa outtake


Love that they’ve chosen to illustrate this with a brick with “Gary” written on it.


wonder how far you could get with names including



You’ve done me again





Also its not very permanent, they stencil your name on a brick then all get pissed and spray paint everything and loose the list of names, so in the unlikely event they want to stay true to their brick scheme they cant


The site is a bit broken for me so just imagine a Father Jack brick GIF


Might pay for a brick and write ‘Razorlight’ on it


Can we club together the money for a brick?


I’m more excited for the My Vitriol cruise tbh


I haven’t read that thread for a while so I’m going to chose to believe it’s true.


Carl: Pete, this is a crackpipe!
Pete: No, is Siberian teaspoon.


Speaking of doing a My Vitriol


Next week: The Others open a B&B.


The Libertines are official shirt sponsors for Margate FC.



I think he’s lying about finishing all that breakfast