The Light Evening Thread


It’s pretty great getting home to daylight isn’t it?

I pottered around in the garden for a bit. I’m hoping to spend more time out there sorting stuff out. I also need to learn to leave work on time.

Just about to make a Bolognaise whilst listening to @Bamnan album again in peace.


Its nice out. I’m off to go see Black Honey at the Village Underground.

First time not wearing a coat out this year woooi


It’s amazing


I got my favourite parking space and my shopping got delivered early, so I can play Mass Effect in my pants for the rest of the evening in peace.


Stopped in my tracks with the bolognaise. I swear we had an onion. Now I need to go to the coop.


Yeah it’s nice isn’t it?

And I’ve been waking up at 5ish naturally for the past couple of weeks so this morning’s wake-up wasn’t too brutal.

Good day all in all:

  • was really productive in work;
  • girls’ parents evening went well at school (the eldest is really gaining independence which is great);
  • got macaroni cheese for dinner;
  • got an unexpected evening off tomorrow.

Really need to listen to @Bamnan 's album!


M42 was shut so had to go pheasant-dodging around North Warwickshire to get home. Had no choice but to write one off them off - hit it slow enough to not damage the car, but fast enough to (probably) see it off.

Was quite a nice drive back actually with the sun out and the car in front of me getting his foot down too.

Quorn bolognese for dinner.


Planned some exciting EGGsperiments for this weeks science plus a load of duller phonics stuff.

Had a great parents evening for my youngest, so that’s top.

Ocado man coming at 7.30 so can finally eat some good food - fridge and cupboards are desolate and dull. Had eat the kids rejected tesco yogurt covered bits of fruit at lunch today.

Got Line of Duty to watch later as well - GOOD


is it really bad to buy cheap eggs for such things?

i normally only get organic but it seems a waste to just pickle/whip/float about


Got leftover curry to finish off plus I just bought some bhaji’s and naan to add to this feast!

My flatmate has suggested we continue watching Iron Fist - wish me luck @xylo :neutral_face:


have a listen and let me know what you think :slight_smile:


Tidied up the flat because “the council” is coming round to “inspect” tomorrow.
I have no idea if either of these things are legitimate but that’s what my landlord tells me, so… yeah… :confused:


new job is pretty piss easy. walked home listening to WITTR in the sunset. gonna eat some green curry. don’t have to be in work til 12 tomorrow. not bad/10


Listened to the @Bamnan record whilst cooking a stir fry. It’s good man! Off tomorrow, so drinking beer (1 away from 1500 unique check ins on untappd and only have shitty lager in) watching cycling from yesterday and generally chilling out after a stressful weekend at work.


Eating chicken


Lovely walk home through the park.

Gonna do a bit of work then have a couple of beers as WFH tomorrow.

Rest of the week’s weather looks pish.


One of the worst moments In a cooks life that


Congrats on the checkins. I’m aiming for 400 this year, did 200 last year. On 90 odd. Got the cloudwater pale and chinook ipa for tonight.


Tonight I am going to go watch a band I like very much and leave before the headlining band who I don’t like very much.


Probably gonna have to hit my local shop for a good beer for the big 1.5k. Thinking of either Wiper and True’s Imperial Hard shake or Siren’s Bourbon Milkshake