The Linda Lindas 😼

Anyone else enjoying Growing Up? Only had one full listen so far but reckon it’s exactly the uplifting album I needed to soundtrack my Spring. They also seem to annoy all the right people which is a plus. Might blog through a listen tonight.


Have just put this on. Will report back properly but I’ve enjoyed the first 2 tracks. Good fun. Anything that sounds like it should be on the Clueless soundtrack is fine by me.

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I remember being whelmed when i listened to it over the weekend but cant say im gagging to go back. Maybe another try?

Also, 10 tracks and 25 1/2 minutes is just the right length for an album in relation to my ageing attention span.

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Reckon it’s something that needs the right activity complementing it - a good drive or DIY or something like that.

Yeah think they’re decent - crazy how young they are too and they’re that good at what they do

Damn brilliant! I already loved Oh! and Nino, but the rest of the album’s bang up to scratch (besides the title track, oddly)

Just looked this up. The drummer is 11?!?

Real-life Crash and the Boys

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Reign In Blood fits this criteria perfectly.

Oh sorry I meant an album of good music.

Smoosh were like that too, think at this point the whole band were 15 or under - love the beat In this

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