The LME burrito club thread 🌯

This gonna be on the regs, then?


Fuck sake.

I’m still on board but I can’t make tomorrow I’m afraid.

Next Thursday? February 15th?


:burrito: :white_check_mark:

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Aye i’ll be in watford tomorrow :grimacing: can do another time though. I’m around on friday?

Or that!

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Okay, Thursday February 15th is LME :burrito: club #2.

Unless anyone suggests another venue (I’m happy to travel a bit if needed), then Chilango on London Wall?

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Fine with it, aye. In summer we could go to the luardos truck and sit in the park :blush:

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Hells yes. Can always take a bit of a longer lunch.

Bag of cans,etc

Last time I hit the luardo truck with eric I saw a squirrel do a backflip


I’ll be there next week in the grim north this Thursday :snowflake:

Like it was just sat still and decided to do a backflip
Christ that might be almost two years ago now

this is surely reason to come

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I left that job in may 2016!

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  • pINto beans
  • gOUT

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I like burritos and I like clubs but I can’t make that date. Next time.


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