The Locust / Retox / Threeoneg, etc

Binging on the locust et al at the moment. What else scratches the same itch? The dead cross album is somewhat similar. Jammed the plot to blow up the eiffel tower for the first time in a decade too, was good.

I used to be bloody obsessed with The Locust/Three One G/Justin Pearson shizzle. Loved Some Girls as well, proper direct/brutal/punk-noise that I could get behind.

I’m assuming you’re aware of Holy Molar and their dentist-themed oddballness?
All Leather are good as well, and by good a I mean WTF.
Das Oath are great to, even more brutal and scrappy than Some Girls:

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Some Girls kind of passed me by at the time (CWBAFT etc) so will check em out, Das Oath too.

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Get on it - both albums (All My Friends are Going Death and Heaven’s Pregnant Teens) are cracking. The DNA Will Have Its Say EP is solid to (it’s 8 minutes long :smiley: ) Karen O sings on one of the tracks as well.

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Area 51 were good (andrea and derek from Pretty Girls Make Graves first band)

I’ve never really been into The Locust, but I love Swing Kids and Struggle so much. Also love all the other San Diego hxc bands from that scene like Heroin, Antitoch Arrow, Angel Hair etc

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Street Sects