The logistics of smashing a guitar as part of the set

My dad accidentally dropped my guitar while getting a coat. The lowest string was absolutely fucked but I used it to get some proper murky bass sounds when I played my first live show

Lesson: smash guitars before the gig

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Crap UK grunge/rock band in the 90s, playing with a load of snowstorm TVs on stage. One TV is not turned on. One TV gets smashed during the finale.

Crap lofi band supporting my band in 90s. Borrows our bassists amp. Freaks out during gig and kicks over the bass stack. Bassist goes backstage to ‘have words’. Lofi man is crying. Already crying; our man didn’t make him cry. To clarify!

Come to think of it, lofi man wasn’t even the bass player.

Rock and roll.

If I remember rightly (it had been a long day of drinking) when I saw Shellac the drummer and bassist would stop and start packing up whilst Steve finished the song with just his guitar and voice. He then stopped and got out a cardboard box with the merch in.

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When I saw them, Steve and Bob dismantled the drum kit while Todd was doing a drum solo. It ended with him just rushing on this single snare. Incredible to see


I did smash a bass after probably one of the worst shows I’ve ever played. Was 19/20 and all the rest of the band turned up totally pissed and could barely get through a song. I walloped my SX P-Bass copy off the ground and smashed the headstock clean off, then got impaled on the wood jutting out of the neck.

Haven’t done it since and would never do it now, though I did burn the maple fretboard on my Jazz Bass by attacking it too vigorously with a screwdriver one night.


The one time I’ve seen this where it seemed really genuine and kind of harrowing to watch was when the Manics destroyed their gear at the end of the Holy Bible tour. Not that I was there, but, you know

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Brian May and his dad smashing up a fireplace at the end of a set


Imaging this in other professions

Like a butcher celebrates a fresh batch of mince by volleying it across the room

Or a plumber fixes up your toilet and then goes “HELLO ST LOUIS” and just elbow drops the cistern

Or like if bankers deliberately destroyed the economy or something that’d be totally mad lol it beggars belief


Footballer kicks a goal then rips the ball to pieces


I actually think they should retire the match ball after a truly spectacular goal has been scored. Out of respect for the goal: This ball has now peaked.


football player scores a winner in the 88th minute then instead of lining up for the kick off, just starts calmly taking down the nets


Never smashed a guitar, but at one gig in an old band we tipped over our amps at the end of the set.

Unfortunately I’d forgotten that I’d put my glasses on top of the amp for safe keeping. They fell off and the amp fell on top of them smashing them to bits and leaving me standing in a field of feedback looking lost and bewildered until a mate kindly helped me off the stage.


Surely you’d use wood glue not superglue?

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It would have been great if Muse had smashed all their instruments at the start of their tour and everyone had secretly agreed not to sell them any replacements.


No set should be longer than 60 minutes.

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Lawyer gets you to sign a contract then just rips it up right in front of you.


Demolition expert blows up an old cooling tower then builds a little house


You’ve done. Yet again.

Next time I finish a lesson I’m going to yell THANK YOU PERIOD 3 YEAR 10! and then kick the interactive whiteboard off the wall.


I think I prefer the rock gesture of making a load of noise and leaving guitars feeebacking against the amps. Less wasteful and potentially more sonically interesting.