The long awaited potato ricer thread

Just been looking up a recipe that involved use of a potato ricer. Had never heard of one of those, so had to go look it up. Turns out its a garlic press but for potatoes.

Is it a utensil that will revolutionize my kitchen, or an unnecessary gadget?

Please share all your potato ricer anecdotes here.

It puts garlic into the spuds?

I’ve heard they’re good for making really smooth mashed potato. I’ll stick to Smash, thanks.

or else it gets the hose again


how many other kitchen tools are described by [ingredient] [different ingredient]-er?

Melon baller

Chip fryer

B’s gran gave loads out one year as Christmas presents. No one used them and most were given away to local charity shops.

Bless her.

Got one. It’s good but I don’t really give a shit about mash.

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I bought one when I decided to make gnocchi. Compared to shop bought gnocchi, and given the hassle and mess, I decided never to make it again. So the ricer now sits in a drawer, unlikely to be used again.

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i have one. i have used it once.

hope this helps.

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Annoying to have to clean all the problems of a garlic crusher turned up to 100

I have one, it is good but a pain to clean.

Worst kitchen item to clean?

Might be a cafetiere for me.

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The starch, the starch!

I have one

not worth it for mash IMO. Nigella makes mash by baking the pots - then putting them in the ricer. Madness

I got mine for making proper US style hash browns - you use it to squeeze the water out of the raw shredded potatoes before you start frying.
Haven’t made any for ages mind. Maybe this weekend …maybe

Garlic press. Threw mine out in a rage and haven’t looked back.

Find the dishwasher does mine fine. I’m a fairly recent convert to the garlic press, which is probably what’s caused this potato ricer curiosity.

When I worked in a restaurant, far and away the worst thing to clean was this piece of shit:

Would rather go out back and wash out the bins that try and get that actually clean.

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Scrolled down to post this exact response, read it and laughed anyway…

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