The Long Slide Towards the End (Part I): The Monday Thread

Morning all.

And so, for us hardcore ones still in working this week, the end begins. What’s up everyone?

I had two 4 year old birthday party’s this weekend. I am totally burst.





Monthly app release panic today. One of my team has tried demonstrating initiative this morning and totally missed the mark, adding to my workload :neutral_face: Think I’m about done with Monday tbh.

This Monday morning can fucking fuck off. They’ve launched a load of Xmas lines we weren’t expecting until tomorrow. Frantic rush to find space for it all before we open. Been on since 5. Will probably be here until 5. Fuck off.

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Ugh! Only two days of work this week but still. Props to those of you working til Friday and particularly to @rich-t who is practically Santa.


Keith Richards is 74 today. If he can do it, so can we! Now, where did I put my pharmaceutical-grade skag?

Back at work after 3 weeks off*
*paternity leave
Looking forward to some peace and quiet at the office


Urgh got so much to do today but got our Xmas quiz and buffet to go to in the middle of the day. Secret Santa present hasn’t arrived for work and I leave the office for Xmas after today and recipient leaves for good on Friday. :thinking::thinking::thinking: Got to drive to Manchester tonight. :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:

I’m feeling great for a Monday which is unheard of.

a). A friend who I’ve not see in ages came round for dinner yesterday which lifted my mood.
b) The house is finally back to normality after the builders.
c) The cats willingly taking his meds again,
d) Whilst my nephews still ill, at least we know what it is. I went a bit crazy buying him presents yesterday.
e) Crystal Palace were actually good at football.
f) The deadline for testing on my work project has been moved from this week to mid January.
g) It should be dead at work this week.


I don’t want to go to work


It’s cold and I am so tired. I am very much in the roll on Wednesday camp.

So many people swerving around on the motorways this morning. this monday is bleak

nearly slipped four times on the way to the tram.

where do people get these jobs with so much time off? in til Friday

I cannot wait for 2k17 to be over - not that it’s been especially bad personally (I released 2 EPs & an album which was nice) but because I cannot stand the tenterhooks I’m on over some early 2k18 stuff

It’s driving me nuts :peanuts:

  • I’m in next Weds-Fri
  • Teachers
  • etc


My job in the past had it’s holday session run Jan to Dec so I always had some left to take - best one was finishing on the 10th and not coming back to the 14th. Unreal, really.

Now it’s Apr - Mar and I have zero until the 31/03. :frowning:

Eh, it suits me. Seven clear days off starting from Wednesday, then a nice three day stretch of work when all the trains and offices are quite, and then another five days off afterwards. 2-1 CCB.

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