The Long Slide Towards the End (Part I): The Monday Thread

I worked on-call once between Christmas and New Year. Took calls on a fault offshore whilst in the pub on boxing day. Wasn’t pished, but probably shouldn’t have said “Oh, I’m in the pub” when they asked why they couldn’t hear me.

I have not been in the office between the break for a few years now.


do not want


Morning. Went for a walk on Saturday and it looked like this

Thought I’d finished for Christmas but a client’s just asked me to quote on something so knock-off day is probably gonna be Thursday now.


Morning all.

It is 13 minutes past 9 on Monday and I already feel this week has gone on far too long.

Ah shit missed the Apprentice final

monday is it? can’t believe we’re doing this shit all over again


Aw that’s rubbish :frowning: Have you tried calling round the various places it might be? People are a lot better at handing stuff in than you might think.

where’d you lose it? any chance it would’ve been handed in?

@Ruffers no word on yr satchel?

In all week and have financial year sign offs and 2018 budget meetings for 3 solid days of it. Fffffuuuuuu

hi everyone

i forgot my purse today. i have some cash to pay into the bank and was totally like “oh fuck” before walking out and then realising i can just do it over the counter with my account number and sort code? i think? urgh. then i had to go to the post office and use android pay and thank fuck it worked.

i am working until friday :expressionless:

i’m liking this to wish you well rich, not because i actually like it

we’re going mad for those milk chocolate pine cones with salted caramel inside at work btw

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Morning all.

Going to be hella late into the office today but never mind who cares etc.

Fuck all to do, so will continue my exhaustive PowerPoint training guide to British Passenger Rolling Stock. Starting on the EMUs today.

Off tomorrow and Weds, back in Thurs and Fri and have the bliss of a near empty office next week to look forward to.

It’s alright. Ill get through it. BEERZ AND CURRY later!!

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Sorry M7, literally never heard ov it.


Long gone :cry:

Feeling alright today, well rested after yesterday. Finish up on Wednesday at lunchtime so finish line is in sight. Had a good chat with my boss on Friday and feeling positive about work for the first time in a loooooooong time and I’ve got leftover Tarka Daal for lunch :+1:

Hello. I am at home waiting for a man to come and service our boiler. Gonna do some singing later.

Morning all. In work until Friday, then in one day over Christmas as part of a skeleton crew. I think it’ll be quiet this week. Have our staff party on Thursday which could be bananas, so many people work here so it’s going to be jammed.

Had an unreal weekend in London, bar missing the DiS crew. compounded that error by nodding off on the Tube and waking up in Barking around midnight. Seeing Chelsea play was fucking incredible though and Friday night was amazing. Seeing ATDs, going to a Peruvian restaurant, partying until the wee hours in an art gallery in Peckham.


I’ve always been an office wanker and never had anything other than 25th, 26th & 1st off.

How much work I do is questionable


I’m going to a light show at Dunham Massey later, going to be a pain getting there an dback so close to bedtime and with no car though.

Might make a fish curry today.