The Longest Day thread

Good morning and welcome to the longest day

Cycled into work with the sunrise which is always nice

The light mornings make early starts so much easier so not looking forward to the gradual drawing in…

Anything interesting happening?


Morning. Been awake for about an hour. Should have got up but got quite bad back ache (again) so trying to stretch that out instead.

It’s Wednesday so taking my daughter to nursery, then have a stretch class at lunchtime. Might sack that off and do a bike ride instead though. Maybe. Quite a lot of CBA over here tbh


Morning all. Up and at them. Was going to do a morning bike but figure it’s a bit ott when we are doing a grav ride with pizza tonight.

So I’ll have a coffee and toast and marmalade instead.

Happy solstice x


Morning Solstice Team.
Big day today - in the Family Court at 9 o’clock to (hopefully) finally sort out the financial settlement from my divorce. Need some coffee.


Birmingham :heart_eyes:


Awake and knackered and feeling absolute shit because I took cold and flu max strength before bed, only to realise this morning that the reason I couldn’t sleep for about 3 hours after going to bed is because they had caffeine in them. Idiot.

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Coffee is gr8


Might go and get one shortly. A dose of caffeine should make up for the fairly poor sleep I had last night.

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Into the office for a conference today, I have concerns about the technical issues but - not my problem!

Gonna be a tiring day though, feel like I won’t make it out to this evenings potential gig

Happy long day all

Bored already. Not feeling amazing, so WFH again.


My boss has done his best to ensure that today feels like the longest day of the year by scheduling a meeting for 7.30am. Ugh.

Being in Paris for the street music festival is one of the best times I ever had.

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Lots of summer storms around here this week. The one at 5pm yesterday was the wildest rain I’ve ever seen. The one right now has stopped me cycling to the office.

On the way into the office for the last time for nearly 3 weeks. Going drinking with my other half’s work later

This is an act of war


Car dropped off for the old mot and service. £££

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Argh coffee shop shut


Oh no

Having my annual “I know I would probably hate it once I’m there but gosh heading to Glastonbury this morning would be fun” bit.


think next year I’m just gonna go camping in the middle of nowhere for the week.


It’s the looonnngieeeeeeeee!
Great stuff. Wish I was further north though.

Yesterday was ace. Went to Tate Britain for a mooch then met my NTD for Bleecker Burgers and a stroll. Haven’t had red meat in several hundred years but it was pretty tasty I must admit. Not clanking for more though.

Today shall be more walks and some noodles I think.

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