The longest evening thread of the year


How’s everyone making the most of the longest day of the year then? I’ll probably lounge on the sofa dicking about on my phone, for a treat


seems like a pretty short thread so far.



What’s up? I’m tired. Have felt really anxious/down all day. Head feels really, really busy.

Going to make a Spanishy smoked haddock, chickpea and green bean stew with lots of tomato and pimenton after the football.

Cba though.

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I’ll be doing exactly this all evening. I’m very OK with this tbf.


There’s been some very quiet evening threads recently. I blame the football.

yeah for better or worse I’ve barely been on the rest of the boards lately. Football is such fun though! Except tonight cos I CBA with these games

Mad day at work but I finally got done what I needed to do!

Painful arm now because of the vaccine. Gonna go and eat pizza I think.

i’d eat that

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Flat absolutely honks from second hand smoke drifting up the stairwell and into my flat :mask: :mask: :mask:

Why can’t people stop puffing weird substances! Drink water and sniff a candle instead you smelly fuckheads!!

Gonna put my daughter to bed, make shakshuka and watch some footie

Standard Monday - :pizza::beer::crossed_swords::dragon:

My legs are cold, might switch to trousers.

I bailed around 2pm. Brrr

Not going to put trousers on, but I am considering donning a hoodie. It’s weirdly cold for the end of June

Have cleaned bathrooms and dusted

Now making some Jacky Ps and salad

Then it’s football and maybe a few reports

Happy solstice :sunrise:

Got the blanket out again last night.not pleased.

Prepping the spare room for the ol’ aggypassy staying tomorrow night aren’t we

Also football and dindins


Shit day at work. Reckon I’ll just go to bed.

Had some plastering done today so have had the windows open all day…we now have the heating on! In June!

Happy Midsummers Day!