The Los Campesinos! listening club: Sleeper hits for weeping dipshits! A Los Campesinos Christmas starts at post 474!

its you! its me! its listening to loads of los campesinos records! we’re starting on monday, there has been a bit of jiggery pokery to make things go down oh so smoothly, you should join in. new records every monday, ratings every friday. here’s the sched:

30/10 Sticking Fingers Into Sockets (2007) and The International Tweexcore Underground (2007) [ratings]

6/11 Hold on Now, Youngster (2008) [ratings]

13/11 We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed (2008) [ratings]

20/11 Romance is Boring (2009) and All’s Well That Ends (2010) [ratings]

27/11 Hello Sadness (2011) and Whole Damn Body (2021) [Heat Rash singles from 2010, except Tiptoe Through the True Bits (2012)] [ratings]

4/12 No Blues (2013) and A Good Night for a Fistfight (2013)

11/12 Sick Scenes (2016) [ratings]

18/12 A Los Campesinos! Christmas (2014) [ratings]



Yes, yes and thrice yes.

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Sounds good!

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Never done one of these before. I’m in!

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Petition to rename the thread: “Sleeper hits for weeping dipshits”


Let’s gooooo

  • part time grasses, full time arseholes
  • sleeper hits for weeping dipshits
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things change now niki’s a listening clubber, and boy shes always down


All over this!

You could make week one the HONY rarities as that has all the tracks from that era.

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I don’t think I realised there was an EO before HONY. I had most of the tracks already from their myspace, but not Frontwards (or the outro track)

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do we reckon we can get gareth to rejoin the boards for this?


Gareth was on the boards? That’s very cute. Looking forward to lyrics on the new album pertaining to pizza scissors, penis darkness penis darkness, and… third meme from the old boards.


yeah, id expect a few people here got the early demos from here rather than myspace. its pretty amazing to think they had Sweet Dreams Sweet Cheeks and You Me Dancing so early on tbh. still got the demos on a harddrive somewhere, might see if i can dig them out. or just google to see if i can find them i guess


just found this, which is very cute

Los Campesinos! on X: “Original LC! Summer 2006 demo here. Think we made the sleeves up from cereal boxes and posted them out to anyone who requested on MySpace :cd:” / X (

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Oh my god :heart_eyes:

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Vague memories of Gareth being on the boards. When LC! were saying We Are Beautiful wasn’t an album (nor an EP, a mixtape, or a compilation), I remember posters were winding him up about it and he didn’t care for that very much!


that was what they deserved tbf :smiley:


I know he had better things to be doing.

In the sitting down at the computer and booting it up for internet days as well.

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WAB,WAD is 15 years old today.


It was to escape the 3 album deal they were given iirc. Ie. They wanted to do lots but didn’t want to burn through the deal too quickly