The Los Campesinos! listening club: Sleeper hits for weeping dipshits! A Los Campesinos Christmas starts at post 474!

Finally had a look through my records to see if still had them, turns out I do!!



If we’d been allowed more than 1 vote 2007 would have been my second. Easy to overlook a mostly instrumental finisher but it’s very nearly the best thing on the album.

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I had all these 7" but they got lost in a house move :sob:

Yeah I’ve seen them finish with Misserbelia, Unison, Y!M!D!, Death Rattle.

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absence makes the heart grow fonder, fondness makes the absence longer: We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed


WAB, WAD was when I really got on the LC! train. I never bought HONY! but I got the whole DVD case version of WABWAD with all the postcards and posters and stuff on preorder.
Also, just checking: WABWAD is pronounced canonically as WabWad, yeah?


I think I’ve only ever heard Gareth call it WabWad, so that’s canon I guess

fuck, I just remembered the WAB, WAD badges it came with too, wore them for ages - one said WAB, the other said WAD


99% sure I remember just after the release, someone on DiS asking, in all sincerity, what WAB and WAD on the badges stood for. Good times.

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Yep, had them on my guitar strap for years. Must dig the box out, think I left it in my parents’ house. There’s something in the booklet by Jason Lytle from Grandaddy isn’t there?

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Wild how they managed to release 2 albums as wildly different as their first 2 albums in one year.

IIRC, WABWAD was originally supposed to be B-sides for Romance is Boring but they liked all the songs too much.


I know where my box is but I’d need to fish it out from a box full of DVDs. I was thinking I’ve been meaning to watch that documentary for nigh on 15 years now

Relistening to this is reaffirming my stance that it’s baffling how you don’t really see Black Country, New Road get compared to LC


i hope my heart goes first i hope my heart goes first


After becoming besotted over the initial EP and singles - it really did feel like someone had hand-crafted a ridiculously niche collation of sounds and feelings into a stupid band that only I could love this much - I was a bit disappointed by HONY.

But when WAB WAD came out, that was more like it. A bit more muscular, even more petty and references to Tony Cascarino. I still go back to this record regularly, and hopefully always will.


Yes! Track X especially


Big fan of this record, although it does drag a bit on the second half for me. The title track is one of the best things they’ve ever done though and imo this album acts as a really good bridge between what they were and what they became, especially melodically. Lyrics on this are great too, all pass-agg pettiness and spite and specificity and fun references. Feel like Gareth’s finding his register a bit more here too and exploring what more he can add with his vocals other than utter chaos.



This was where I got into the band, I bought this on a bit of a whim. All I really knew about them at that time was they’d been hyped up and, in comparison to a lot of the big British indie bands that were all over the place, LC! were very influenced by the stuff I was really getting into in my late teens (Pavement, Sonic Youth, early Modest Mouse, Broken Social Scene, as well as twee - I really got into Belle & Sebastian and Camera Obscura at this point and was working backwards towards a lot of the C86 stuff c/o Last FM).

Tbh I didn’t like it that much on first listen - the vocals took me a while to really adjust to, and I wasn’t accustomed to that sort of delivery being at that time more into the “slacker” side of American indie than the more emo stuff. The first bits to click though were…

‘Ways to Make It Through the Wall’

  • Incredible opener, that final “painted your face, painted the wall” breakdown gives me actual chills almost every time.

‘Between an Erupting Earth and an Exploding Sky’

  • I like synths, I liked synths then. They’re nice.

‘You’ll Need Those Fingers for Crossing’

  • Just fucking beautiful. Even though I wasn’t bowled over by the album as a whole first time, I was bowled over by this and this was really what had me coming back to it.

But yeah, incredible album. I can’t believe how much of a step up it is from the debut – everything on HONY kind of bleeds in on each other, but each track on this just feels like such an impassioned singular statement.

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Also in my parents’ house so can neither confirm or deny the Grandaddy thing - sounds about right tho