The Los Campesinos! listening club: Sleeper hits for weeping dipshits! A Los Campesinos Christmas starts at post 474!

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Provide a personal video message to a forum, Gareth


sound! DM me your address :blush:

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Yeah. This is a masterpiece. Not even sure the tracks I’m not a massive fan of make it any less of an album. This and NB are the albums I feel very strongly about. So strap in for my TED talk.

I’m not sure if it’s love any more
But I’ve been thinking of you fondly for sure
Remember what your heart is for

“Eyes of doe” in By Your Hand - are we keeping count?

Love the bleepy bits at the end of that song.

Chuggy guitars followed by that gentle “ooh oh ooh oh” in the background suggest Songs About Your Girlfriend could have been a sleeper radio hit.

Oh, your mask is slipping!

Hello Sadness is where it gets good innit. I love Los Camp when they’re at their most miserable, apparently. (NO BLUES is probably better for this, lyrically, though).

This dripping from my broken heart is never running dry

^Love that. Love the drums at the end of the bridge (?). It builds and builds and builds and there’s nice violin (?) going on behind the scenes.

YOUR TONGUE THE TIDE YOUR LIPS THE SHORE I am the jetsam overboard, goodbye courage

^honestly get shivers at this bit, and then the crescendo a bit later, oh boy, what a flippin’ banger of a tune. Honestly one of their best.

Really enjoy Life Is A Long Time too, another one of their best. So miserable, right up my street. Just love how much it wallows in misery while talking about cul de sacs and ring roads. Delicious. Really good noodly guitar bit in the middle as well.

Life, life is a long time. Too long to my mind, too long by far. You know it starts pretty rough and ends up even worse. And what goes on in between, I try to keep it out my thoughts.

The end bit with the slightly screechy guitars is well good.

Don’t really care for Every Defeat A Divorce tbh. Nice violins at the start. Enjoy the concept behind it, and it’s not a bad song but this record is full of perfect songs and this isn’t one of them.

Hate For The Island is pretty forgettable. Actually quite nice sounding but feels like an idea rather than an actual song. They have a lot of songs mentioning the sea, don’t they. Maybe I’ll list them.

Oooh boy The Black Bird, The Dark Slope. Chaotic sadness. Feels quite cathartic because the music is actually quite joyous.

And when you turn me inside out
Believe in me without a doubt
The words were all of his
And none of mine

^that followed by those guitars is :100::100::100:

To Tundra is another I’m not arsed about. Does feel a bit post rocky in places to my ears but it doesn’t do anything for me which is weird because it’s objectively a great song.

Baby, I Got The Death Rattle. Flippin’ banger. Oh man. Imagine writing this song! Love how it starts at the end, as well.

Trace my right index finger along the door of every car
On the walk back to your house in the cold from City Arms
In the frost I drew a dick for every girl who wouldn’t fuck me
Woke early the next morning to see the frost had bitten me
My blisters black and touch cold
Like a cute stuff toy bear’s nose
The kind of gift I give you like a less commited Van Gogh
And you, you are an angel that’s why you pray
And I am an ass, that’s why I bray

^lyrically the best verse Gareth has ever written, maybe, fucking love it

And then oh my word the end. Live, this is fucking amazing. I feel very, very strongly about this song mates.

I’m serious so listen now!

Light Leaves, Dark Sees pt. II feels pretty forgettable after that doesn’t it. Sounds nice, but…

Sorry, that was very long wasn’t it.


I really dug Life Is A Long Time this time around too, had never really paid it much attention before. Weirdly, feels somehow quite like them doing a version of a Beautiful South song, which tracks given how much Gareth was blabbing on about them around this time.

sorry i’m late

favourite track on Hello Sadness

  • By Your Hand
  • Songs About Your Girlfriend
  • Hello Sadness
  • Life is a Long Time
  • Every Defeat a Divorce (Three Lions)
  • Hate for the Island
  • The Black Bird, The Dark Slope
  • To Tundra
  • Baby I Got the Death Rattle
  • Light Leaves, Dark See pt ii
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score out of 10 for Hello Sadness

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score out of 10 for Whole Damn Body

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Album name

gareth DMd me to say that was the first draft


That sounds entirely plausible actually.

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i dont trust anything he says after he deleted all evidence of the Sweet Dreams Sweet Cheeks dance routine from the internet!


Death Rattle gets a boost because of how good it is live, instead of fading out they do a big noise section. Which is fun!


yeah the end section is great, i do wish it went on for twice as long on record tho tbh

This fine EP has finally returned to streaming, on the LC! Heart Swells label


Okay, so first of all, massive thanks to @andyvine for starting this listening club and forcing / giving me the chance to listen to every song for its own sake, rather than for whether it’s a banger or just some length of time until the next banger. Don’t really have much opportunity outside of DiS to discuss music with people who have some overlap in taste with me. I’ve really enjoyed listening to the LC albums that I haven’t rated as high as my faves, and taking them for what they are.

It’s brought home for me the fact that I’ve largely assessed each new LC release in terms of whether it has given me precisely what I want from LC, which is upliftingly joyful melodic, funtime singalongs. I’m talking catchy/hooky riffs or melody lines, or rhythm guitar / bass&drum that holds up the song on its own power: that keyboard melody in By Your Hand, the riffy rhythm guitar line that carries Songs about Your Girlfriend, the arpeggio guitar and fat bass line (and everything else) that sends Hello Sadness on its way. Because LC are so fucking good at releasing bucketloads of these super brilliant songs, when one of theirs fails to meet that standard, or worse, an album features a bunch of songs that fail to meet that standard, I get a bit grouchy about it, and give it short shrift.

I’ve always felt that Hello Sadness is one of those albums. The first three tracks are sublime, which only served to highlight the failures (sorry, pniks!) of everything that follows. But listening a couple of times today and yesterday, I found myself enjoying track 4 onwards a lot more. I’m not suggesting that any one of them is suddenly going to jump into my top 10 or even 20, but I’m certainly appreciating them as LC songs a lot more. Blackbird, for instance, would have no trouble making its way into RIB, and To Tundra and Death Rattle are both interesting/enjoyable in their different ways. I still rate it, along with WABWAD, as one of the weaker LC albums — sorry again, pniks! — but whereas I would’ve said “6/10: three fucking brilliant songs, and a bunch of disappointment” previously, it’s now 8/10 and one that will repay subsequent listens.

Another thing that has been brought home for me: from HS onwards, there is (to my ears) a massive amount of The Cure to LC. The Cure is the band that I have loved the most and the longest, so it’s no surprise I hear them in the strangest of places, but composition and orchestration of LC’s post-RIB stuff is very reminiscent of what I love about The Cure. Every instrument doing something different, lost of isolated flourishes, subtle changes of pace/force/volume, but everything cohering perfectly. Having said that, LC compositions remind me more of the later Cure than Wish or earlier. That may come across as a bit of a slight, in that the Cure’s later stuff is hardly their best, but that’s only because it’s been a bit lacking in those sensational melody lines, etc. that the Cure are otherwise known for. LC at their best (see: By Your Hand, Hello Sadness) are genuine rivals.

Anyway, back on topic…

I’d listened to Whole Damn Body only 2 or 3 or maybe 4 times before, but probably always late a night whilst on DiS and not really giving it my full attention. I think I’d already decided that it was mostly on a par with what I had previously thought of HS track 4 onwards. Listening again today, I was pleasantly surprised to find it’s got a couple of strong songs on it, and deserves a place in my LC discography playlist. Will buy from bandcamp and listen a bit more, I reckon.

PS: sorry for long blathery post.


theyre the best kind!


Haha, don’t apologise! One of the best things about Los Camp is how we all love different aspects of them :two_hearts::two_hearts:


Remember thinking this a lot when I first was listening to HS, absolutely


The brass, the pacing, the sense of apocalyptic dislocation… the cracking Alan Partridge reference

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I’ve missed that! What is it?