The Los Campesinos! listening club: Sleeper hits for weeping dipshits! A Los Campesinos Christmas starts at post 474!

Which song is this?

Slow slow death

(Think it’s a love song rather than about actual death!)

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Love a sneaky wrestling reference in a song.

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I remember having some of this sense when it came out and I was about 26. As someone in my thirties now, there’s a general tone to how the album talks about anxiety and normality and disappointment and everything that really resonates. I don’t really hear lyrics that well so I can’t really say much more than that! I remember driving through my hometown (where I still live) listening to ‘The Fall of Home’ and feeling my eyes getting a bit damp back in the day.

In any case, :heart: this album


big Cooper Temple Clause energy on For Whom the Belly Tolls

favourite track on Sick Scenes

  • Renato Dall’Ara (2008)
  • Sad Suppers
  • I Broke Up in Amarante
  • A Slow, Slow Death
  • The Fall of Home
  • 5 Flucloxacillin
  • Here’s to the Fourth Time!
  • For Whom the Belly Tolls
  • Got Stendhal’s
  • A Litany/Heart Swells
  • Hung Empty
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Not sure I can vote a favourite.

Average rating is already too low.

What a way to end the thread!

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yeah, Amarante, Slow Slow Death, 5 Flucxzxc, all killer

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Standhal’s, Sad Suppers, Hung Empty, too, plus another 4 or 5.


here’s a thing i don’t think anyone’s mentioned, the chorus of Slow Slow Death is fucking brilliant. the wordplay of “we two in vermillion/we two a lovers coup” where like every other songwriter on earth would go for “we two in a million/we do what lovers do” is so good

so so best (doesn’t work)


Been listening to SS again this week and am seriously having to consider my take that Hello Sadness is their best. SS really comes close. Basically no duff tracks, epic choruses throughout, and some of Gareth’s greatest turns of phrase.



A Los Campesinos! Christmas


here’s a setlist of a gig i was at where they played a couple of christmas songs for the first time. i took the opportunity to go to the loo and the bar

(very strange setlist, i think i reviewed this gig somewhere? i remember being very drunk, to the point that i tweeted them the next day to ask what the last song was)

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Late note on Sick Scenes - it’s absolutely brilliant. Feels like the perfect ‘later career’ album (albeit mad that they released 6 albums in 10 years so it feels more ‘later career’ than it perhaps really is?) in terms of bringing the best of what they’re about together. Style wise it feels more like the first 3 records than the more recent 2 but in a more refined (mature?) way.

I’d originally for whatever reason lost track of them a bit after Romance is Boring and didn’t hear Sadness and Blues when they came out having absolutely loved them before that. This album really reignited them for me and I think elevated them from probably previously being a noughties band I loved for a time and had nostalgia for but could have easily forgotten about into a something much more enduring, and it made me appreciate the earlier stuff in a different way. So yeh it’s great


Per my above ramble, I agree with all this! (although replace Hello Sadness in your words with Romance is Boring for me)

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Good gig! This is also where I was introduced to Trust Fund whomst I love.

I think a guy yelled something really sexist at Kim at some point and found himself admonished by the band and the crowd. Hope he went home.


oh yeah i forgot Trust Fund supported! id seen him/them a couple of times before that i think, remember this being a big deal for them tho. did you see that he’s doing more stuff again now? my mate put him on at the Peer Hat earlier this year (i think??)

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Yeah I knew he was back, but I keep hearing about shows after they’ve happened :expressionless: out of the loop

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haha, ffs

turns out i was very harsh about the christmas album but just as enthusiastic about Avocado Baby. i remember starting the review in medias res, as it were, not introducing Danny just talking about him as if you should already know him but my editors didn’t like it

He’s just doing solo acoustic stuff now. Nice finger picked folky stuff, some reimagined old TF songs but mostly new stuff. Saw him in a cemetery chapel last week, was a really nice gig

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