The Los Campesinos! listening club: Sleeper hits for weeping dipshits! A Los Campesinos Christmas starts at post 474!

Really enjoyed relistening to that. The second half is a bit worse than the first, but tracks 1-5 might be the best run on any LC! album.


The DOOMED football jersey is still the best band merch I’ve ever owned.

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Really wanted one of the Welton Rovers (the club Gareth was a director of) shirts they sponsored a couple of years ago but they sold out super fast.


this running at the same time as both the GBV and Talking Heads listening clubs is clash-city, but looking forward to jumping in

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The cowards at Disney Plus would never make Welcome To Welton.


DiSney Plus


fair, but i need to make it clear that there will be absolutely no Welcome to Wrexham slander in my thread. what other show has my old flat in almost every single aerial shot? none i dont think


The Hollywood glitz and glamour has changed you

do you know who i am

forgot I was wearing this.


Thanks for starting this btw @andyvine, it’s been ages since I listened to LC! (despite meaning to give them a big revisit for a while) and I was foolish to leave it so long. FUCKING FOOLISH.


I guess I’m the only one to have not really thought much of WABWAD…

Obviously Wall and the title track are both excellent, and Miserabilia is decent, but the rest of the album doesn’t do a lot for me. I got more out of it listening through twice early today, no doubt on account of this listening club giving it some purpose, and also maybe because Sick Scenes has helped me to appreciate other dimensions to their output. But too many of the tracks feel like the discards from an album demoing session — they just aren’t as composed as LC songs are at their best.


Think my two fav Gareth moments are that whole verse in You’ll Need Those Fingers For Crossing with this in the middle ‘You wrote a letter to god, just in case, you said I’m nothing if I’m not a pragmatist’. The energy of the delivery is so great.

And the ‘I identify my starsign by asking which is least compatible with yours’ bit in Ways to Make It Through It The Wall. What an opener too. The final minute is so euphoric. Some of my favourite LC! violins, the guitar juddering a bit, the vocals - it all works so well together.


The track order has always bothered me so I’ve been fiddling with it.

Moved Documented Minor Emotional Breakdown up to track 6, cut End of the Asterisk, and moved Heart Swells to the end.

The middle feels much weightier and the back third tighter. Think this will be how I always listen to it now. Not sure why Heart Swells wasn’t always the last one. End of the Asterisk is quite slight and gums up the works.

Feel certain I’ll end up having different tracklists for RIB and Hello Sadness too.


Yes there is! (In answer to your Grandaddy question that is.)

Have listened to the album plenty digitally but haven’t opened this in ages until now - it’s a lovely little set

Edit - also interesting that on the back of the booklet from this in small lettering it says ‘Romance is Boring 002’ - not sure if they knew that was the next album already at the point they released it or it’s a phrase they liked and then reused or if it’s there for some other reason


this is great actually, as much as i really like The End of the Asterisk it is the odd one out, and i think the rejigged tracklist works well. interested to see your others when the time comes!


i’ve got this somewhere too but my wabwad badges are long since lost

I could never get on with Documented Minor Emotional Breakdown # 1 because the intro melody reminded me of the early 90s Grange Hill theme tune.

Oh yeah, WAB, WAD is the good stuff. It all just feels like a much more mature album, in term of music and songwriting and subject. I love the fixation on death, despair and heartbreak while the music sounds so euphoric. The band seems to be working so much better together as well.

I liked HONY but didn’t investigate any further at the time. Wish I had because this is such a leaping off point.

Only song I’m not a massive fan of is All Your Kayfabe Friends but I think the rest stands up really well. Intrigued to try @otto 's reordering, think it would hold up better


I love that All Your Kayfabe Friends just stops.