The Los Campesinos! listening club: Sleeper hits for weeping dipshits! A Los Campesinos Christmas starts at post 474!

can’t say i’ve noticed this until you mentioned it, the snare on the title track is a bit weird but it does remind me of Travis Barker’s snare sound, and i know Jason is a big Blink fan (iirc he tattooed the logo from the self titled album on his palm :grinning:)

Take out Hate for The Island, put in She Crows and swap it with …Death Rattle, stick She Crows between that and Black Bird… job done.

She Crows on there twice is a hell of a call


Every Defeat a Divorce is so fucking long, gotta trim those prechoruses down man

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I meant something else, To The Boneyard maybe. I’m very busy actually Vine, leave me alone!

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like at least Hate for the Island is only 2 mins, EDAD is 5 mins! what are you doing, that’s too many mins!

no this is important

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more important than beer?

afraid so :man_shrugging:

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actually i’ve cracked it, got to get rid of Every Defeat a Divorce and Hate for the Island, too boring. actually not into To Tundra but niki loves it so that’s a good enough reason to keep it

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is it niki? idk who cares someone here loves it so that’s good enough for me to accept im prob wrong about it

i like it but you probably don’t care about that do you

i do care! actually i think get rid of Light Leaves Dark Sees 2 as well


we can sort this out, by the end of the day i’ll have a better version of this album. i’m determined now

They’re better than Xiu Xiu tbh, whose records - outside of about two from the late 00s - range from painfully unlistenable to so low key you immediately forget everything about them.

By Your Hand
Songs About Your Girlfriend
Hello Sadness
Life Is A Long Time
To The Boneyard
Every Defeat A Divorce
Baby I Got The Death Rattle
The Black Bird, The Dark Slope
She Crows
To Tundra

never listened to Xiu Xiu either, i know people who are into them are like into them but if i can’t even figure out how to pronounce the name then idk man

Think it’s pronounced “chk chk” but I forget

(I remember liking The Air Force a lot, but as with PGs I’ve not listened in years. I need my CDs back.)

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I really like this cover version of ‘Hate for the Island’, so happy for it to exist for that reason.

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